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Olympic delay to cost IOC several hundred million dollars; Japan to pay rest


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Why should Japan pay?

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Why should Japan pay?

Be side they assumed the risk of a postponement by pursuing and winning the bid to host.

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The IOC loses cash? Boohoo. I see it as pay back for all their corrupt dealings down through the years. Remember the Salt Lake scandal?

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Really...Olympics IOC!? That’s the best you can do amidst this Pandemic!?

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Great. More of my tax yen wasted.

Just cancel the damn thing.

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Olympic delay to cost IOC several hundred million dollars; Japanese taxpayers to pay rest

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And even more if it goes to 2022, as Tokyo Olympics CEO Toshiro Muto has already suggested.

The Lords of the Rings are on a winner again...

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Why on earth would any population let their government lobby for, let alone host an Olympics ever again?

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We need more details about where this money is going I think.

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What are the postponement cost? Run the AC to prevent mold during the summer, employ a few ancient guards and you should be good. Hundreds of millions? To broadcast networks, or what?

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Tokyo said the 2020 Games would cost about $7.3 billion when it won the bid seven years ago.

It’s going to cost Tokyo (aka we taxpayers) about the same to postpone the Olympics as Abe’s low-ball bid. I hope his friends all make lots of money. I’m sure he’ll ‘urge’ them to share it with the people who paid for the Olympics (aka we taxpayers). Definitely going to hold my breath on that.

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…. time to pull the plug....

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I think the Olympics have had their day. They had a good run, but when they added synchronized swimming, well, I think we could see where it was heading.

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What is that? It's not Japan fault, all of it is from the pandemic declared by WHO (too late) and IOC snail action to postpone next year. They are thinking the money their pockets empty now.

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