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Don't overhype Ikee's return, pleads Japan teammate Irie

By Andrew McKIRDY

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Amazing comeback.

Too bad there won't be a Tokyo Olympics because of COVID-19,

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A timely reminder that it is possible to cheer her on without automatically talking of gold medals.

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Is that confirmed @Boku Dayo? I can't find media confirming that.

It's a wonderful story of Ikee - But her teammates are correct in expressing caution. But just the taking part for her is brilliant. Lets hope she stays in remission forever.

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What a wonderful story! Hopefully she'll win the gold and beat this disease.

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And then the pressure starts again.

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Irie San is being a fantastic friend here. I have enormous respect for Ikee but my advise to her is not to participate in Tokyo but to go for Paris.

that is difficult but necessary. The risk of her mixing with athletes from many countries is not worth taking. And she is doing great but not ready for gold and the Japanese would not be happy with less, the pressure relentless, especially from the clueless, selfish politicians and officials.

the best thing Ikee can do is immediately refuse selection for Tokyo. She has the courage to do that

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The risk of her mixing with athletes from many countries is not worth taking.

I am sure any decisions she has made have been taken in consultation with healthcare experts.

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Japanese far-rightists including previous PM Abe have exploited her recovery as pretext of forcibly holding Olympics.

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Her life is her own. That she remains healthy, is to offer a prayer that such will be.

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