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Fukushima flower grower ready to make Tokyo Olympics bloom

By Ayano Shimizu

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Chernobyl ex-residents looking on wondering on, even bemusingly, how an event even worse than their own can lead to Residents ... yes Residents wishing people to come back ?

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"I felt like the (reality of) Fukushima situation was hidden so Japan can host the Olympics," Shimizu said. "So since then, I have always wanted to make the most of the Olympics by being part of it in one way or another."

This makes no sense to me.

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Out of the ashes, flowers.

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I always love these stories of how someone thinks their person feelings and ideas are what everyone else should like. It's like when Abe and others said, "Let's force the delegates to eat produce grown in Fukushima as 'proof' that it is safe!", or when people make moronic campaign posters using what THEY think are good ideas, but clearly were never checked or voted on by anyone else. The woman's sentiment is nice, but what's she going to do if an athlete rejects the bouquet out of concern? She can't get angry at them for it, it is their choice. Or worse, what if one takes it, hears it's from a no-go radiation zone, then flings it on the ground in disgust?

Imagine if a bicycle enthusiast from the Ukraine decided he wanted to make people more aware of what happened in Chernobyl. So, he goes into the no-go zone, takes an abandoned bike, cleans it up, then says he wants to give it to a cyclist as a special gift. That is what this woman is doing, and she may well be met with the same reaction I bet some would give her with her bouquets.

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