Taxis wait outside Tokyo Station Photo: Tokyo Taxi Center
tokyo 2020 olympics

Tokyo taxi drivers setting wheels in motion for Olympics

By Reito Kaneko

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Be good if they taught them basic road manners and the road rules too !

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A lot taxi drivers have a bad habit of just grunting like an animal-most disconcerting really...

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Let's hope the coronavirus scare is over by then. If not, these revenue calculations will be optimistic at best.

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Have a lot of respect for many truck drivers and bus drivers who are real professional drivers and know what they are doing. However taxi drivers in Japan scream around the roads like they own them with little consideration for other road users. I realise it’s their job and time is money, but if you can’t drive properly and safely, then forget English lessons and just get a retirement job waving those wands around at parking lots and stay off the road.

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