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tokyo 2020 olympics

It's March, the month when the Tokyo Olympics were postponed a year ago

By Stephen Wade

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Q: What exactly is it the cost to putting on the Tokyo Olympics?

A: Olympic costs are difficult to track.

FALSE. Like any enterprise, if the intention is to conduct itself honestly, Olympic costs are easily trackable.

However, when the intention from the outset is to bilk as much money ut of as many people as possible then scuttle away unaccountable, "difficultis" are built into the framework.

Such as when the Governor of Nagano ordered all financial records to be burned immediately after the games.

The men in smoky rooms want their cut of this scheme, and they will squeeze the taxpayer for generations until they get it.

The costs are not difficult to track. Anyone who tries to track them gets told to stop asking questions.

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So not interested. I have other things on my mind.

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i wish the olympics would just be cancelled, but now, I just want them to be DONE WITH so they don't keep reappearing in the news and i don't have to hear about Mori and Bach.

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”It’s March!...” is usually used in terms of celebration “Everyone’s Irish!” or “March Madness!”. Is there any thing to get excited about?

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Long year it has been, and I am getting the feeling that no matter how much the people of Japan are leery of the games being held this year, the government is going to do it no matter how much people say otherwise!

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