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Japan's Olympic sponsors hire consultants to assess potential brand damage: report


Japanese corporate 2020 Olympic sponsors have hired consulting firms to advise them on whether to push ahead with Olympic-themed marketing plans or limit their association with an event that could damage their brands, the Financial Times reported.

The consultants include Kantar Group from Britain and two Japan-based firms, Macromill Inc and Intage Holdings , the FT said, citing unidentified people.

More than 60 Japanese companies, such as Toyota Motor Corp and and beverage maker Asahi Holdings, have together paid more than $3 billion to sponsor the Tokyo Games.

Most Japanese want the games canceled or delayed again, amid concern that tens of thousands of foreign athletes and Olympic officials could bring new coronavirus variants and further pressure on an already stretched medical system.

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Looks like they are taking steps to drop out.

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Ridiculous to do that now. No chance to stil implement anything successfully in the remaining 6 weeks. Sponsors just trying to play the public and at least one of these agencies is Dentsu related.

The sponsors must push for postponement if they want any return on their money. That simple.

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If you're contemplating now, don't bother, it means you're all in. Should have dropped out a long time ago when it would have made a difference. Any consultant will tell you it's beyond the point of no return now; strap in and enjoy the ride idiots.

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