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Japanese fans will 'cheer for all athletes' at Tokyo Games, organizer say


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With fans all masked up and urged not to cheer I don't see this working at all

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I bet there's a few expats from all over the world living in Japan that would be willing to take up some of the spots made available.

Why not keep the crowd as international as possible and give them the option to buy them?

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What Olympics???

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I've seen volleyball matches in Japan on TV and I've noticed how much Japanese applaud foreign players during matches. You can hear crickets when a foreigner wins a point.

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Japanese Tokyo Games. Not Olympics

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Face it it's the most expensive Japanese sports day/week ever. And they have banned cheering have they not? So when everyone is wearing a mask, not able to cheer. Who can tell. It's only a matter of time before countries Atherletes pull out. And then the locals will have a medal fest. Propaganda will have a field day.

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"Japanese people hold fair play and hospitality very dear, and we will root for all athletes equally. It might look like everyone is Japanese, but we want to raise the awareness of Japanese fans so that it feels like Tokyo is the whole world."

What a joke. So many delusional people in this country.

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There’s really nothing to cheer about the overwhelming debt that was created for taxpayers. Even the dog depicted in the green Olympic ring probably feels the humiliation, just like we humans do. We’re ALL asking “Why are we still doing this?”

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