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Rakuten CEO Mikitani says hosting Tokyo Olympics this summer 'too risky'


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It seems the organizers have already gone past the point of no return.

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"Honestly, I feel that the Olympics this summer are just far too risky. I am against them," the high-profile businessman wrote. "I feel truly very sorry for the athletes, but they are not the only ones living wholeheartedly."

smart and brave man for saying this

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Finally one more voice of reason. There will be no games but many parties concerned are milking the last yen out of the organization before cancelling it.

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Pull your sponsorship money then

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Is he sponsoring the olympics? Under what company?

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Stick to peddling. Olympics can and will be safely held.

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Pull your sponsorship money then

And watch the government slap them with a breach of contract suit.

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Is it too late to get everyone in Japan associated with the Olympics vaccinated? Also, all athletes and coaches entering Japan should be required to have already been vaccinated, or be willing to get vaccinated upon entering the country.

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*Also, all athletes and coaches entering Japan should be required to have already been vaccinated, or* be willing to get vaccinated upon entering the country.

Vaccination. Two inoculations. Initial dose. Three weeks later, second inoculation. Two weeks later, immunity kicks in completely. SO. That is Six Weeks. Being vaccinated upon entering the country would sideline an individual for six weeks. And require a quarantine and isolation period.

The NWSL, USA women's soccer league. Had a tournament comprised of all the teams. No spectators, everyone was tested every day, and were locked down in a confined area with no interaction with outsiders.. Which worked. But, certainly, a smaller venue and less athletes.

Postpone or cancel. Otherwise it will be a fiasco.

As for Rakuten "pulling their sponsorship". The money is already gone and it is a contractual enterprise, you cannot 'cancel' it - to do so will require protracted negotiations. Hopefully, Rakuten is powerful enough to influence other sponsors and pressure the IOC to either postpone or cancel.

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What's the scientific basis for his statement? Is the Olympic flame going to cause the virus to spread? Or is it the tight outfits that the track athletes wear?

Major sporting events around the world have occurred since last summer, with no vaccine and no spreading of the virus.

These CEO's now double as propagandists. Spread fear (and hate). More control is what they seek.

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If he sounds so reasonable, why is he forcing people to go work back at the office during the pandemic?

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@Aly Rustom,

That smart and brave man is asking his 20000 employees to return to office and commute daily. I don't think this man is genuine.

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