Justin Gatlin, right, of the U.S. wins the men's 100 meter race during an athletics test event for Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games at the National Stadium in Tokyo on Sunday. Yuki Koike, of Japan, is at left. Photo: AP/Shuji Kajiyama
tokyo 2020 olympics

Olympic Stadium holds track and field test event, minus fans

By Chris Gallagher

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Despicable selfish fools and drug cheats in the case of Gatlin.

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Athletes can not be excused from putting self interest before being human beings when every other citizen is asked to endure hardships for the common good and medical people give their all, some of them their lives.

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Gatling has been paid very well to come and support the Olympics. A strange change of attitude By JAAF which used to avoid inviting athletes caught on doping. Gatling got 2 years( reduced to 1) and 8 years ( reduced to 4) . Or maybe befitting to these olympics

Funny that Coe is in the stadium clapping for his win. Coe the man who keeps Russian athletes to compete for their country.

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If or when one of these foreign athletes, coaches or staffers comes down with COVID-19 during the games (providing that there is a "games"), do they get priority over Japanese residents when it comes to receiving medical treatment? It's not that there's a surplus of medical resources in Japan right now, so who comes first?

Whoever said "athletes first" (was it Koike?) surely couldn't have been meant it that way.

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@ Boku Dayo

Here is a quote from the Washington Post article about the contract between the IOC and Tokyo (the host):

"Seven pages are devoted to “medical services” the host must provide — free of charge — to anyone with an Olympic credential, including rooms at local hospitals expressly reserved for them and only them."


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Here is a quote from the Washington Post article about the contract between the IOC and Tokyo (the host):

Thanks for the heads up, Pim. Actually, I suspected that.

All the more reason to cancel the Olympics.

I'm sure a lot of severely ill Japanese folks would agree.

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You're welcome Boku Dayo. I wish this part of the host contract were known by many more Japanese people.

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What a scary picture. Look at all these Corona viruses floating around in the open air. How much safer to be stuck and locked in your room, with 2 masks, no?

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Why do they have on the same uniform? Are they on the same team?

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Surreal...to say the least. They display no concern or interest in the welfare and safety of us living here.

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