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Tokyo 2020 says not true that Osaka leg of torch relay has been canceled


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My God, who is in charge here? Literally Dentsu?

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It’s been officially decided that the lit torch will be thrown into the Dotonbori tssssssssss

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"Tokyo 2020 says not true that Osaka leg of torch relay has been canceled"

Oh the joy I have now! [ Sarcasm }

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@MichaelMachida 7:16am JST

"Tokyo 2020 says not true that Osaka leg of torch relay has been canceled" - New master of BOLD type. “We yield to you, sir.” - {Sarcasm}

Throughout Japan, the ‘backpedaling’ and ‘sidestepping’ continues.

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Scandals, opposition, confusion, etc. Even for some of the people that are trying to support the games this is becoming too much already. At this point probably nobody expect for things to go smoothly anymore.

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The shame, the chaos, the greed.

this Olympics is making Japan the laughing stock of the world.

nobody in charge. Mayors and governors to scared to decide anything. A clueless PM, recalled by the masters of Dentsu and LOC and IOC.


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Just scrap this nonsense. Even the PM of the host country is not being permitted to give information on the greatest waste of money in living memory wthout being cancelled by Dentsu.

My firends in 9 countries all report there is absolutely no interest in, or news of, the Olympics. literally the only people still flogging this dead horse are he JOC nd Dentsu.

It's done. Forget it. Invest the money somewhere valid.

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The story developped by today.

Looks like the PM was lying to us again.

Japan PM says Olympic torch relay in Osaka cancelled


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This is kinda funny have to admit!

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