tokyo 2020 olympics

Weightlifter Hubbard poised to become first transgender Olympian


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Testosterone levels are artificially adjusted. What about chromosomes?

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Sorry but the world of sport & woke, wont mix easily or fairly

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This was not a good performance from Hubbard:

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Should not be allowed. Point

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Should be entertaining to see unfold, what streaming network will this be on?

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But Caitlyn Jenner (former Bruce Jenner) said that trans women should not compete in women's sports because they have an unfair advantage. Totally gay gokai doesn't know what to think. But anyway, is it fair for Caitlyn to compete for California governor as a woman? I hope she wins anyway.

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It's like allowing a guy to get on steroids for 20 years, then take a year off and compete "naturally", but even worse. Feel bad for the women that have to compete against "her".

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A friend of mine had a complete work done. Doctor told him his testosterone was low and he would begin to develop breasts.

I guess he could compete as a woman, even though his beard and stash would make him fit for a circus.

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Stop the transphobia. So what who wins. Open your heart. Thanks

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