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Tokyo Olympics CEO says he is seriously worried over coronavirus

By Koji Ueda

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“I am seriously worried that the spread of the infectious disease could throw cold water on the momentum toward the games," Muto said. “I hope that it will be stamped out as soon as possible.”

He has a right to be worried. This virus in less than a month has seen more cases than SARS in 8 months. And it doesn't seem to be ebbing. At least not yet. I don't think personally they are going to nip it in the bud in time for the games. But I could be wrong. However, Muto is very right to at least voice concern.

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The Olympics is basically a huge tax drain on the citizens of the host country. Ordinary citizens should have a vote as to whether they want their hard earned tax dollars used to host them or not. I vote no. And hopefully they get cancelled or moved to another country.

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This situation is a nightmare for all. I personally think the games should be put on hold until they get the coronavirus under control. Look at the logistical problems Japan is having with just one cruise ship. Put the games on hold for everyone's safety.

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more cases confirmed in S Korea and we now have 2 deaths outside of China. One in the Phillipines and one in Hong Kong.

In addition to that, Japan has BY FAR the highest cases outside China at 33 with Thailand at a distant second at 25.

So either things have to start to get better or we had better start thinking about postponing the games. You can't have an international event the size of the Olympics in the middle of a major epidemic or pandemic.

At any rate, the olympics are still months away- we don't know the death rate of this virus and HOW it will mutate since viruses tend to do that. We could get an even more contagious deadly strain, or it might just die out very quickly. We just have to wait and see. But personally, I agree with runner.

better safe than sorry.

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The Olympics is basically a huge tax drain on the citizens of the host country. 

Every single Oympics I've experienced in my life, whether summer or winter, or other events such as the World Cup, have been preceded by comments such as this from people who want every societal ill solved prior to hosting a sporting event. And yet, every single Olympics has ended as a resounding success for the city in question. Weird eh?

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Muto is worried! Not much of a CEO is he? Worrying isn't going to change anything. He needs to get up off his rear end and organise things so that coronavirus doesn't "throw cold water on the momentum toward the games!"

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As said before move the games to October, two problems solved!

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Surprisingly,Japan is showing more cases than Thailand-remarkable for an island nation!

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But! Wasn’t Abe in the news the other day stating how the games were safe and would go ahead as planned? He is such a lying bag of political hot air!

There is great need for concern. Nobody knows how long this epidemic will go on or how severe it will be. It may last a few weeks like SARS or it could go on for months or maybe years. Nobody knows!

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Number of infected doubling every six days says it all.

The CCP is not containing this! The longer this drags on, the more prone frontline workers are to slip up.

IMHO, they should start blowing the international horn now for help.

Likewise, the Olympic organizer should be asking for more money now. Assuming the games will go on, what ever it takes.

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Tokyo will probably have a pandemic, because it is a popular city, people that live in Japan boondocks are safe, lots of people are a train ride away from getting infected, even the US government has just us basis information about the disease Google CDC Coronavirus

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Good of him to want it stamped outnfor the Olympics, and not just because it’s a fatal disease.

anyway, now spreading like wildfire. Doesn’t help that Japan allowed the people it called back to disembark in Tokyo with no screening or quarantine beyond, “Feeling okay?”

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