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Tokyo: Olympics like no other with Olympic Village to match


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It looks so institutional. Quite depressing actually.

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@Darius It looks so institutional. Quite depressing actually.

I completely agree. No trees or greenery or any attempt to make the architecture help create a quality living environment.

A very unimaginative, backward looking development.

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Looks exactly like a prison. Those cardboard beds are a joke.

I stayed at a hostel once a few years ago with beds that had no curtain or privacy wall, just beds in a room. After one night of snoring, farting and one dude waking up at 5 to open every zip on his hiking bag I swore never again. Give them a curtain at least, jeez.

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So, Japan has been pouring billions of yen into the Olympics, and this is what they do for the athletes? Cardboard beds? Really cheap and pathetic. I've seen better beds at Motel 6, and at least they'll keep the light on for you. What a joke!

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The IOC has pushed ahead with these Olympics, which have generally faced disapproval in Japan, partly because it stood to lose $3 billion-$4 billion in broadcast income if the games were canceled.

I question the use of the word “partly” in that sentence.

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As others have said, it's only for a couple or weeks so why would anyone build luxury accommodation for a very temporary event? The idea of the cardboard beds is to be able to easily recycle them soon afterwards. Nothing wrong with that and they probably are quite comfortable. But the athletes definitely won't be needing blankets in the lovely Tokyo heat!

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The athlete's social media posts will show everything outside of Japan's media control

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lost opportunity for some nice futons and buckwheat shell pillows. Wouldn't need the frames

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Why are world-class athletes sharing a room?

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