tokyo 2020 olympics

Organizers downsize arrival ceremony for Olympic torch


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This is just the first of many 'downsizing' of events to the inevitable cancellation of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. China's numbers of the last two weeks are fake and the rest of the world's numbers are exploding past what China's were at the beginning. This Chinavirus will continue to spread around the world so unless something beyond explanation happens within the next month to match the current fake numbers coming out of China, the Olympics are done.

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Just cancel it already!

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China's numbers of the last two weeks are fake and the rest of the world's numbers are exploding past what China's were at the beginning. 

Any evidence to support your chinas numbers are fake.

Is your assertion based on the fact that you expect china numbers to continue to increase indefinely just because it is on the rise in other countries despite the drastic measures china took to stem the spread of the various.

I also have misgivings about the ccp government but it hads to be commended for doing a great job to defeat this monster called covid-19

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at drlucifer

The W.H.O. renamed the Wuhan Coronavirus to something that wouldn't be associated to China but let's face the simple fact that this is 100% China's doing for the second time in 17 years. This is the Chinavirus2.0 and now China seems to be once again playing with the numbers. If you believe that suddenly the numbers just dropped overnight, two weeks ago from 2500-3300 new cases daily to under 200-500 daily new confirmed cases, then they have fooled you too.

Have you also noticed that there has been almost complete silence out of China on social media sites in the last three weeks. If things were really getting better, wouldn't the fan bois of the commie regime be at least putting out some fake news? No, because they are too busy quashing anyone that stands up to tell the truth.

There were over 7100 cases in China that were listed critical a week ago and so far of those over 1300 have disappeared but the number dead has only risen by around 90. That also doesn't add up with the death rate that was listed before for critical cases.

China is once again hiding the truth and transparency has gone full stop opaque.

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at drlucifer

Below is one of the last posts I remember seeing on YouTube about the time the fake numbers started to pop up in China. Watch it and check out the claims. Is that enough proof that China can control the numbers anyway it wants?

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Could a more unflattering photo have been found?

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