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Japan pledges 'safe and secure' Olympics in economic blueprint - draft

By Takaya Yamaguchi

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Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said he had won support at a G7 summit meeting in Britain for holding the Olympics despite public concern that the sports extravaganza could worsen the spread of coronavirus infections.

well, if the G7 say so, it must be alright.

in the old days 'bread and circuses' were a sop, now they're compulsory.... (⌒▽⌒)

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What happened to the calls for a motion of “No Confidence” that were supposed to be floored today, Wednesday, before the Diet closes their current session?

“the final version stresses the govt's resolve with the Games….came days after PM Suga said he won G7 support, despite public concern that the [Games] could worsen the spread of infections.” -

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Yep, we believe you. Foreigners living here aren’t as gullible as the locals, the JOC doesn’t get it

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Oh, that’s right, they shot it down;

“the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party & three others submitted a no-confidence motion against PM Suga's cabinet for not extending the regular session,

…but it was voted down by members of the ruling LDP, Komeito and other [allies].

and once again, quietly slithered into the shadows.

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“After reading the small print, it was discovered that the precise wording read We will keep the members of the IOC safe and make certain that they secure their broadcasting money. The plebs can do whatever they need to get by

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Well, they've already failed on that by allowing it to go on.

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Any "promise, pledge, effort, etc..."

Made now or before were made null and void the instant the IOC leaders said this:

Barring Armageddon

The Olympics will happen.

If Armageddon is the level needed to stop the Olympics then in reality any promises made with regard to safety are pure lip service.

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Economic blueprint for something that starts next month.

Gosh, Japan, your spontaneity is intoxicating!

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Will there be also 'safe and secure' Olympics mascot or "cute character"? Now that we have a blueprint, which is totaly necessary.. The games haven't even started yet, but the whole extravaganza around it is consuming more and more money, and at an ever-increasing rate. Where the Brazilians or the Chinese wasted money building stadiums that were never used after Olympics (or just few times), we waste horrendous ammounts of money on meetings, reports, blueprints, mascots and other nonsense.

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Yeah, foreigners are so savvy. What an arrogant remark. As if the so-called locals are unawares.

The only legacy, will be one of disaster and ignorance, the sense of ignoring the mandate of the people, who decried and opposed the Olympics being held during a pandemic.

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Who cares what the other leaders said - they don't have to deal with the mess if everything goes south. They probably won't even let their citizens get on the plane and go home unless they're in the clear first.

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a pledge likely worth a few steak dinners in Ginza.

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