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IOC to offer COVID vaccines for 20,000 in Japan linked to Olympics


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Yeah, let's help this third world country !

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I only entered here to read the comments! This will be so funny!

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Well, most need to doses, 3 to 4 weeks apart, and a few more weeks to become fully active. So there's not a whole lot of time for this 'commitment' to be worth anything.

Of course, logic has no place where greed is concerned, so they'll probably just inject people with saline on the day they start and call it 'good'.

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KEYWORD = IOC to "offer" not require the COVID vaccine.

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The International Olympic Committee is expected to provide COVID-19 vaccines for about 20,000 people in Japan ...

Organizations outside Japan continue to take the initiative to do what Japan’s government has failed to accomplish inside: easy, rapid vaccination. In fact, shipping companies are now offering vaccines to seafarers of all nationalities (including those on Japanese vessels) through a new voluntary vaccination program at U.S. ports.

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Who will give them?

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Well, i called the int dept of the Loc2020 for details as i represent several NOC’s and top athletes. The dept in charge of the intern coordination with IOC’s.

the answer “ we just read that article also but we don’t know anything “

great organisation, nothing can go wrong

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Surely the IOC is morally above bribing participants with vaccination in the middle of a global pandemic in a country that cannot organize walk in vaccination for their own people, right?

Ya, I thought not.

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20,000 vaccines? Why? To add to the pile already sitting in freezers?

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Any old trick by the IOC in order not to lose face and make millions of $$$$$$$. Sadly this is not the solution to this serious health crisis in Japan that may threaten thousands of lives.

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IOC to offer COVID vaccines for 20,000 in Japan linked to Olympics

That would be great if there weren't more than 100,000 athletes, officials, media and related parties coming for the Olympics.

Cancel these idiotic games now.

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Which vaccine?

How does the IOC get it?

How do the get it into Japan?

How do they select who the 20,000 are?

How do they store and distribute it?

( The 20,00 could be located all over Japan)

Which medical institutions administer it?

Do they get official approved Japanese paperwork for this alternative vaccination?

who is responsible for side effects or deaths from the vaccine?

i am sure others can think of more questions. I read the offer is bull dust although the Japanese government may choose to give priority vaccinations of the government’s vaccine to any Olympic hanger ons as the are doing with the athletes

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IOC to offer COVID vaccines for 20,000 in Japan linked to Olympics

For what? They wouldn't know what to do with them anyways.

They'll just put it in a freezer anyways and leave it there. Or a cardboard box. It doesn't matter to them.

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The IOC has no clue how things actually work here in Japan and also are completely unaware of the current situation.

Having lived here for 25 years I can say this is a laughable proposal and as someone above said...better to come here to read the comments than the article....haha

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IOC was the one to give the go ahead for the Olympics.... Lets not talk about that part.

Apparently getting vacinnes so we can host the Olympics bothers some people. They are very set on canceling the Olympics no matter what.

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Let's also ignore the fact that Japan did better then most countries on handling Covid. Let's not talk about that.

Second country to be affected after China.

Oldest population on Earth.

Biggest city Tokyo. A lot of people in Japan, living very close.

Yet Japan managed to keep a hold on it. On the number of death. Even without a vacinne.

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who spoke on condition of anonymity

how come?

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Reason, they did not have a handle on it at all if they did they would have followed Taiwan's lead and closed all the doors but they did not. Taxi drivers and so many others at the beginning it was just not making the news, and so, no Japan did not have a handle on it. The only reason Japan did not fall like the rest of the world is because of Japanese culture wearing masks and people not being bothered by wearing them slowed down the virus but that is it.

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