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U.S. track and field team cancel Olympic training camp in Japan over COVID

By Eimi Yamamitsu and Sakura Murakami

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The United States' track and field team has canceled its pre-Olympics training camp in Japan out of concerns for safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic, local authorities announced on Wednesday, raising more questions about the holding of the Games.

That's good decision

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as I noted in a comment on the IOC says negative public opinion no threat to Tokyo Olympics, article... what about the Paralympics? here it says: "The IOC, organizers in Japan and the government have repeatedly vowed to hold the Games as scheduled until Aug. 8" (my emphasis). I expect 'they', out of a concern for the health and wellbeing of para-athletes will suddenly call of the Paralympics. after all, I doubt they generate but a fraction of the lucre that the main event does.

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Next step, the US Track and Field Association decides, that for the safety of it's athletes, it will not send a team to the Olympics!

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Great for them! I hope more will follow. I hope this chain will follow through with other teams and other countries.

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Smart move. An even smarter move would be to cancel the Tokyo Olympics.

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A Sudan team have been living here for the past year.

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Ha ha it begins! The pullout from the circus!

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Wait, I thought that borders are closed, and only Japanese people, residents of Japan, and family are allowed in? The running guys are an exception? My company hired several researchers and specialists from abroad, but they have not been allowed in Japan for almost one year now, why are these guys excepted from the rules?

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This just might be the year that Japan gets 62 Gold medals!

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The Canadian gymnastics team will not be coming to Tokyo because the Canadian gymnastics association refused to send the team to the mandatory qualifications round in Rio.

Seems that the total lack of reality by organiser is global and it is up to the different countries local teams to be smart and make the prudent decisions.

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Smart move, U.S. track and field. Get out of this misbegoten Olympic as disease and distress swirl around you.

Moe will be dropping out. Or (heaven forbid) dropping dead.

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The British team has also cancelled its training camp in Kawasaki. Drip, drip, drip.

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And most of the US personnel could have been vaccinated if they had wanted to be. It sends a significant message. When the US leads, others will follow.

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Alfie NoakesToday  05:16 pm JST

The British team has also cancelled its training camp in Kawasaki. Drip, drip, drip.

Can you share the source for this?

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It was Mrs. Noakes, she saw it on the TV. She mentioned three countries but I can't remember the third.

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If Japan cancels, the next Olympics will probably have to as well. Sorry China.

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Good decision.

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This is just the beginning of the pullout! More to follow stay tuned!

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