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Videos of parliament sex acts rock Australia's government


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What in the world is wrong with these people?

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Politicians and their toadies are a loathsome breed the world over. I am always mystified by the need people seem to have to record themselves doing awful things.

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What a bunch of antipodean jackeroos and wowsers with sun-stroke and too much time on their hands!

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seems like political stupidity isnt just unique to America

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This sort of behavior has obviously been going on forever, but something I find disappointing, is we will be further ushered into work lives of 24/7 surveillance not by a tyrannical State, but due to a bunch who can't keep their pants on.

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Politicians........C'mon man what can ya say ?

All rotten to the core !

Anything else likely leads to one getting banned.

Filth n Scum !

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Just another day in the office

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Name them, shame them & fire them !

9 ( +11 / -2 )

This is so sick yet so hilarious at the same time.

I'd say they should out all of them, but would there be any male members left to have a government?

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These public servants are supposed to do just that, serve the public. Throw them out and replace them with true servants of the public.

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It seems there are two laws and they do not get applied equally. A staffer gets fired for not doing anything illegal but "allegedly" did do something tasteless and disgusting, while a MP "allegedly" raped a staff member and doesnt get sacked. PM outraged over one incident and silent over the other.

Priorities need to be worked on in the Coalition party. You cant run a country well if you cant even run your office well.

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I bet these nasty people were also banging on about family values in public.

12 ( +13 / -1 )

nothing new for me they just get inspiration from russian group PussyRiot...they did same thing in public library or supermarket and as part of antiPutin and antirussian propaganda their actions were completely "kosher"...

Completely dissimiliar. And in Russia if you protest again Putin, you either end up dead or in prison.

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 by the way a jackeroo is just a person who works with cattle, and a wowser is a person who seeks to prevent anyone having fun. As conservative Coalition staffers, these are no doubt privileged dorks who attended exclusive boys' schools and don't know or like very much about women.

I was just having fun with Aussie vocabulary. You are basically right on the nail, but jackeroos also work with woolly sheep and I took the liberty of extending its other meaning of "greenhorn" to denote "unprofessional" conduct while wowsers are exactly the type of uptight puritans you describe, but who often fit the profile of hypocrites, which is how most people in every country view their political class.

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Masturbating over a desk-hard up for sure...!

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Not gay, he unloaded it on a woman ministers desk chair.

Still doesn’t beat the old cigar and the young staff trick.

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It appears that the old penal colony has come back to life penile.

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A desk fetish? It’s a common thing...

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Kinki? Or adventurous?

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Just another day down under! Thats politics!

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burning bush:

Are these guys all gay?

I'm sorry but men sharing photos of themselves with other men is not normal among heterosexual men.

These guys are gay.

Nice try, once again. But they're not gay, otherwise they would have done their business over another man's desk.

Conservative/right wing politicians and hypocrisy go hand in hand.

(And the fat guy lost)

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How do YOU know they wern't gay ?

The whistleblower, identified only as Tom, told the news outlets that government staffers and MPs often used a Parliament House prayer room to have sex, and alleged that sex workers had been brought into the building "for the pleasure of coalition MPs".

The sex workers could have been either sex or any of the 250 sexes we are told exist !

Could have well been some multi sex gendered ones in there, NZ govt has trans MPS and other stuff going on, so do not assume their gender sex or preference on your own bias or bi-asses

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I know this was aussie not NZ but used the NZ example as an example do not show your biass

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nothing new for me they just get inspiration from russian group PussyRiot...they did same thing in public library or supermarket and as part of antiPutin and antirussian propaganda their actions were completely "kosher"...

Document the occasions where Pussy Riot engaged in sex acts in public. You cannot of course. Their "crime" was staging impromptu unsanctioned concerts in public spaces singing songs critical of religion and the Russian government. They wore brightly colored dresses and tights with faces covered by balaclavas. About the only discharge to occur at a Pussy Riot concert was of a fire extinguisher.

Two members of the band previously belonged to another protest organization Voina that in one protest photographed members having sex in a biology museum to satirize then PM Medvedev's call to increase the Russian birth rate. So what happens is that some like our dear reader from Russia accuse Pussy Riot of acts committed by Voina as they are both making similar critiques of Russia and two band members had once belonged to Voina before starting Pussy Riot. The little and often not so little distortions used by conservatives.

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Rome burns while the mad monkey masturbates , in this case , aussie drowns in the floods while these scum politicians jack off .

But the aussie govt wont have to worry about the floods because feces floats so all the politicians will be ok.

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Peter NeilMar. 23 02:29 pm JST

What in the world is wrong with these people?

Peter, when you have been in this Human World for a number of decades, you may begin to see that the people who have the greatest 'difficulty' with sex are 'conservative' personalities. It's where they tend to 'act out' sexually in sometimes bizarre ways because they have such a primitive understanding of their own sexuality wrapped up, as it is for them, in 'ego' and in 'religion' and 'good' and 'bad' and they are as small children with it, 'bad' little girls and boys who, because their equally bemused parents NEVER mentioned it, has left them without ANY idea of sexual appropriateness and, here, what you see is what you get from such ignorance. It's their sad version of 'being bad' and expressing their versions of 'bad boy' or 'bad girl'. And what good is being 'bad' if you must do it privately? Sometimes, 'liberals' are accused of being libertines but 'liberals' generally are educated as to the risks of STDs, inadvertent fertilizations, and, perhaps, a more 'private' attitude regarding sexual displays, having less 'to prove' (to themselves). And, as we have seen recently in D.C., the U.S., and now here, 'conservatives' have no end of 'respect' for their national governments...

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At least in Japan (usually) the politician and perhaps the party leader would resign after such acts becoming public, but not in Australia under this coalition conservative government.

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