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Scores of underage Rohingya girls forced into abusive marriages in Malaysia


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One more item for today.

According to Reuters in February 2022, Myanmar’s military has been supplied with weapons. From Russia and China. That have been used on both the civilian warring factions and the civilian population. Weapons include drones, fighter jets, armoured vehicles, and air defense systems. Serbia reportedly has also been supplied rockets and artillery shells, an accusation Serbia denies.

https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/un-myanmar-expert-says-junta-using-new-russian-chinese-arms-against-civilians-2022-02-22/ .

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OK, just one more.

According to a piece in The Diplomat last February 4, 2022, Pre-invasion Ukrainian weapons manufacturers reportedly sold weapons to the junta.


Another linked source dated September 8, 2021, within the above paper, explains Ukraine's "deep links to the Myanmar military."


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Scope of this particularly huge problem, within the context of civil war.

Five days ago from the UN:

"Over half a million people have been displaced in Myanmar amid a surge in fighting between the military and armed groups that started in late October and has spread to over two-thirds of the country."


"Among those fighting the military are a loose coalition of well-armed ethnic militias [including the Rohingya Solidarity Organization and the competing Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, per Radio Free Asia], as well as the People’s Defence Forces (PDF) – an armed group supporting National Unity Government (NUG) and opposed to the February 2021 military coup."


According to OCHA, "more than 578,000 people are estimated to have been displaced since 26 October [this year].


"The 2023 Humanitarian Response Plan for Myanmar, which seeks $887 million to support the 4.5 million people worst affected in the country, is only 29 per cent funded."


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quercetumDec. 13 09:59 pm JST

This is our latest boogeyman and the latest propaganda campaign to make you think Myanmar is evil. Myanmar is next because Taiwan is not bringing the desired military conflict. The U.S. can’t get China to bite.

Myanmar is evil: even the criminal CCP was taking steps to throw down the government there until the scam center employees were offered up.

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Global apathy toward the Rohingya crisis and strict migration policies have left these girls with almost no options . . . And no country is offering large-scale resettlement opportunities.

Since this very story hit so many news venues at the very same time, we turn to asking why? And why now? Particularly since this problem has been in motion for some time. This particular problem having some deep roots, tied to very troubling issues that caused the problem in the first place, a solution for which has proven dicedly difficult to halt let alone solve.

So we turn to the UN, and it's Global Refugee Forum 2023, starting today in Geneva. Where we learn, according to the website, that politicians will be urged to "unite to address the challenges faced by refugees, and by those who host them."

How? By "fostering new partnerships and initiatives by bringing together all the key actors . . . around common values, goals and projects magnifies the efforts of all those involved to create a meaningful difference to the lives of refugees.” What do they want by the end of the day on Friday?

The top four goals are: Financing, Climate action, Social and economic inclusion, and Resettlement and complementary pathways.

Sounds expensive? Yes. And until the end of the week, we can expect to read many more of these stories.

For me, it's not so much the emotional manipulation within news stories, any more, since we are fairly used to it by now. But why can't these outlets just come out and say this story has a reason, and your country is going to be asked to solve it this week in Geneva?

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Which is worse the child marrying rapist or the parent that sold their daughter to him?

It may be a toss up. Making all involved tossers.

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These girls have been treated like garbage by all parties - the murderous Myanmar military junta,

We all know what will be ahead: prisoners taken to concentration camps where they’re raped. Articles will be written about the Myanmar military junta’s treatment of Rohingya babies. It’s too predictable.

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Which is worse the child marrying rapist or the parent that sold their daughter to him?

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The problem is the culture they are born into.

All cultures are not equal.

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This is our latest boogeyman and the latest propaganda campaign to make you think Myanmar is evil. Myanmar is next because Taiwan is not bringing the desired military conflict. The U.S. can’t get China to bite.

I’ve posted in the past it has been Tibet, Tiananmen, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Taiwan…these all have failed and will fail. Myanmar is next and is on the doorsteps of China.

The answer is to start within China proper within the two rivers. The best example would be the KMT and CPC but the US already tried that and lost losing millions of dollars to the corrupt KMT. All the above don’t stand a chance against Beijing.

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If these "men" were kind to them, were gentle, fed them, etc., one might be inclined to overlook the age issue to some degree, but their actions show that they are nothing more than animals.

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I always find it disturbing that Malaysia (and their neighbours Singapore) present themselves as forward-looking and civilised societies - nothing could be further from the truth.

Both of these countries should be totally boycotted and ostracised until they can be replaced with fair and democratic legislators, who can get rid of the repressive, medieval and outdated policies and their vicious punishment regimes, and show the rest of the world that they are ready to rejoin as a civilised and modernised society.

Until this takes place, there is really no reason to visit these places at all. My greatest fear is that we could be waiting a long time for such a revolution to take place......

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This is absolutely heartbreaking. All the atrocities going on in Gaza, in Ukraine, elsewhere with these poor girls. This puts things into perspective. All my problems at work and home are inconsequesntial compared to these.

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my heart broken reading the news, may Malaysia gov do something about this and stop sweeping the problem under the carpet. Now the international community already knew the shock incidents and justice must be brought forward

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Disturbing and Heartbreaking, Muslim women are specially vulnerable to abuse by their abusive husbands who use religion as a tool to silence and prevent their wives from coming forward.

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These girls have been treated like garbage by all parties - the murderous Myanmar military junta, her parents who sold her, and Malaysia - a nation that pretends to be modern, but looks the other way as children are raped in forced marriages in a backward religion.

Shame on them all.

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Hell on earth. All my problems are trivial in comparison. I hope they can get out of their situations someday.

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This is not news. It is quite normal in many Muslim countries.

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Dreadful plea of these young girls. Pressure must be placed on Malaysia to stop it.

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The powerful of this world give not a fig for the plight of MILLIONS of poor young girls sexually abused and raped. We know this because the legislation to protect their dignity as human beings is either non-existent or not enforced, There is a huge deficit of decency in our world, anno 2023, Gaza is just the tip of the iceberg of human savagery.

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This is truly dystopian. This is so sad for these young girls with zero choice in life.

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