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Australian state posts record daily increase in new COVID-19 cases

By Colin Packham

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Weddings in the state will be capped at 150 people, Berejiklian said, and they must remain seated. "No dancing, no singing, no mingling."

So in effect she's banning weddings. What's the point if everyone involved can't have a god time?

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Covid isn't going away folks. This is going to affect the course of the 21st century the way WW1 shaped the 20th. What a time to be alive...

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Hang in there, Vic. She'll be right.

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Japan is on the same road

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Melbourne does around 30,000 tests every day. Sydney does a similar number.

Yesterday was a big test day for Tokyo, a city with a larger population than both the Australian cities combined, a whopping 4000! Tokyo found a number of cases a bit less than Melbourne and a way lot more than Sydney.

You do not need tp be much of a genius or a mathematician to work out the hit rate in Japan or guess what might be the number of cases if Tokyo did 60,000 tests in one day.

Meanwhile Melbourne is in a heavy lockdown with heavy fines for breaching them and even Sydney is under tighter restrictions than Tokyo, no restrictions at all, is.

Australia also does extensive genome testing of the virus to assist in their contact tracing of the spread of the virus to map its spread ( and found the recent outbreaks in Sydney come from Melbourne). Is any of this going on in Japan. Do they even do any contact tracing of all the cases they have found in Shinjuku ? The a case is found somewhere in Japan do they do genome testing to match what other part of Japan it came from?

And Japan is a success story and Australia is a failure?

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Weddings in the state will be capped 150 people, Berejiklian said, and they must remain seated.

Because of course you can't catch the virus if you're sitting down. Seriously, the Aussie "experts" appear to be taking the same crazy pills as the Japanese "experts".

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