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'Katespiracy' explodes after UK royal photo gaffe


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The most popular conspiracy is that the Royal family are space lizards which is really too far fetched. Especially the space part.

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Kensington Palace will not release the original photo taken by William. The stress will not help her recover from her operation.

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Ok, now sit down, please gather oneself together, the real William and Kate have been located....In Poland


Photoshop was the only option

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“Last month, King Charles III, Kate's father-in-law, won plaudits for publicly announcing his cancer diagnosis.”

How brave. Will he give himself a medal?

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If the photo required so many alterations, the original could have been improved by taking another photo. William could have checked the camera to ensure the best shot.

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Exactly, with a £3000 canon why not just take another photo.

Why bother with photo editing, the subsequent PR stupidity is minding numbingly illogical.

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All photos are edited, and have been for years. And they were in the days of film, too

You can spot an amateur because they don't know how to use Lightroom or Photoshop.

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I do not photoshop any of my photos. They are as they were taken.

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The world is falling apart. How is this a newsworthy story?

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I think it will end Kate publicly posting her photos.

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It really does cause one to wonder at the true state of her health as the palace won’t release an unedited photo of her.

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It was edited by her. She's just not very good at Photoshop. No conspiracy here.

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Yawn, silly ppl do silly things.

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Since the passing of Queen Elizabeth/Prince Philip the monarchy has lurched from one PR disaster to another, dysfunctionality, matches sordid delinquency.

The Duke of York relationship with Jeffery Epstein, the paedophiles friend.

The very public failure to welcome and protect Meghan Merkel, an asset, that could have transformed the commonwealth.

Managing Prince Harry, a damaged loose cannon, unable to come to terms with the tragic loss of his Mother.

The arrogance, entitlement privilege at the very least, appears to have no bounds or limits.

Duty come with the minimum need to be seen to be of value to the nation.

Now we have the careless to accept one's duty responsivity, a simple photo opportunity turning into a public embarrassment.

Worse is The Prince of Wales arrogantly curling his lip at the mere thought or suggestion that the media and the people will openly push back when presented with an absence refusal to answer strait forward questions.

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overly rich morons at the palace (living off tax payer monies) should take a crash course in deep fake and AI (=artificial idiotic, sorry, intelligent) image generation. they will always lie. they serve no purpose.

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Talk about a storm in a teacup!

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Of much more, admittedly mild, interest would be pics of the mythical Archie and Liddlebit.

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