'Miracle' as New Zealand baby rescued from sea


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This is awesome news! Thank you, Mr. Hutt.

Keep a close eye on your little ones because they are inquisitive and there may not be a Mr. Hutt around.

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I think it's more lucky than miraculous! Kids, camping and careless parents can be a very dangerous mix. I took my kids camping from six months old. I camped on a beach in northern NSW for four weeks with my 3 y/o son and a few other people many years ago. If you think it's hard looking after kids in the city, spend a few weeks on a secluded beach at a river mouth with them and you'll understand what parenting is really about. I'm so glad this little fella survived. If that fisherman hadn't been in the right place at the right time the outcome would have been very different and, most likely, it would have only made local news as a child drowning.

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The sea can be cruel and unforgiving, but also merciful.

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Memories of dangerous situations I put my kids in while growing up - sometimes purposefully, sometimes an adventure gone wrong - either make me laugh or shudder.

However, I never bought either of my children a gaming device, and both were hired by their first-choice companies. Good for the tot. Hope he survives his next bout.

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Amazing, so happy this turned out well.

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The parents describe their kid as:

....looking smaller than usual"

That's quite an odd observation.

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Lucky kid. Could have turned out much differently. Parents need to keep a watchful eye on their children.

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"He's himself. Maybe he'll be more aware of water, not run into beaches. But he's definitely himself," she told the Stuff news website.

What an utterly moronic thing to say when talking about an 18 month old baby.

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What an utterly moronic thing to say when talking about an 18 month old baby.

I think in that situation, making calm and rational statements will be the last thing on any parent's mind.

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WOW, that wasn't a 1 in a million but 1 in a trillion that Hutt was Johnny on the spot!

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Glad they put it in quotes.

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