Christchurch mosque gunman gets New Zealand's 1st life without parole sentence

By Chris FOLEY

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Can't he just 'disappear' somewhere between the courthouse and jail?

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We do have the death penalty, but only for "Treason"

I've read it was abolished even for treason in 1989.

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SPRINGAug. 27  01:28 pm JST

Glad he’s young. More time to suffer and regret what he’s done.

RIP for all 51 victims.

Good. And now he will die a stranger in a strange land, a foreigner who will return home again. Enjoy your stay, AussieNazi. Enjoy your punishment before you get another one in the next life because you sure don't give a damn about other peoples' lives.

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I live in Christchurch. We do have the death penalty, but only for "Treason"

In this case I would Re-Instate the death penalty for this crime.

As this killer IS NOT FROM New Zealand(AUSTRALIA) he should be their problem. The costs should be born by the Aussies.

He can remain in NZ, but paid for by Australia.

We are told that the Victims Family's will decide where he spends his Jail Time.

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The sentence for mass murder was legal and expected. 

So why do I get the feeling you disagree with it?

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Judge Cameron Mander said that behind Tarrant's "warped" ideology was a "base hatred" that led him to attack defenseless men, women and children last year in New Zealand's worst terror attack.

The sentence for mass murder was legal and expected. However, where does the judge get off pontificating about about ideology, while at the same time the ideological statements of the offender are banned and not discussed. That is not how an enlightend society is supposed to work.

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Make him write the Koran every morning for 2 hours. For the rest of his life. And prison work to pay his board.

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Bah double tap to the head. Economic punishment

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So he gets free room and board and medical treatment for the rest of his life. Won't need a pension or savings either. Too kind for such a person. Should be sent to the gallows.

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The right decision made. He never deserved, or will deserve, any leniency given what he's done.

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Glad he’s young. More time to suffer and regret what he’s done.

RIP for all 51 victims.

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As a new zealander I am so proud that we do not have a death sentence in NZ. Despite the heinous nature of his crimes, Brenton Tarrant has been served justice, and not just revenge. Well done on this civilised decision.

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Deadbeat who sullied the reputation of every other Australian.

Inductive reasoning like that is a hallmark of the bi..... word not allowed by this site. I view my Australian friends, colleagues and Australians in general no differently now after this white supremacist butchered innocent people than I did before I first read about it.

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He stands a very good chance of being killed by another inmate. Will be many others inside that hate him.

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Deadbeat who sullied the reputation of every other Australian.

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Life without parole means that the OzNazi now has only the choice of suicide or sainthood (living an exemplary life of contrition and good works, like the sainted Saul of Tarsus) unless his life is taken by a fellow inmate, or the authorities.

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Tax payers don't care about the cost in this case, he is going to be tossed around like a rag doll if the others get near him. Guaranteed won't be decades. And thankfully it won't be live streaming, unlike his crime.

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He breached the human rights of 51 people permanently! Another 40 terrorised for life plus family and friends uncountable number of people. He deserves to live out his life in absolute terror in jail. Hanging him would not be as bad as what he is facing. Be scum live with scum.

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He can rot in jail. My only complains is the taxpayers will be paying to keep him there for decades.

I hope this gives the victims and their families some solace.

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Arguing against life behind bars, counsel assisting the court Kerry Cook said Tarrant's views had changed while he had been jailed and he had offered to meet the families in "restorative justice" session.

"Given his age, lack of previous record and guilty pleas, there is a prospect of rehabilitation," he told the court, saying a whole-life sentence breached fundamental human rights.

No way.

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