Missiles cause multiple explosions in western Ukraine city of Lviv


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Ukraine must begin fighting back and hitting targets inside Russia. Ukraine is being invaded and hit all over so holding back does not achieve anything. Time to see pictures of destroyed Russian factories and barracks.

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30 % of the population have a positive opinion of the Ukranian Insurgent Army...... It's something the corporate media doesn't like to talk about.

One US General was already captured in Mariupol, fighting with the Azov Battalion. NATO still has some people important enough to send two choppers in, both of which were shot down and then a few nights later, try again with one chopper which was also shot down.

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I just watched a TV report on this. Terror, misery, destruction and death visited on civilians of all ages, yet there are still people coming on here and throwing around insults at people who speak up for the right of Ukrainian people to defend themselves against murderous Russian aggression. I’d like to be able to say that was beyond belief, but here they are.

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After sinking the Moskva, the Ukrainians need to raise the ante and demolish the Kerch Bridge to concentrate Putin's mind and bring the hard-necked Russians to the negotiating table.

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Peter14, I agree, Ukraine needs to start hitting military, transport infrastructure and military industrial targets in russia and if they haven’t the precision long range weapons we need to supply and train them to use them.

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The only people talking about ‘narratives’ are the ones who are ashamed of admitting the undeniable fact that Russia has started a war by invading Ukraine, has killed thousands of innocents and has become ostracised by the international community.

That isn’t a narrative.

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Really... are those civilians and children there voluntarily?

They wanted to leave but Russian troops shot at anyone trying to leave, even when they had agreed to let them leave.

They are human shield hostages taken by Azov to stop the Russian military from using overwhelming firepower to crush these guys who are totally surrounded.

They are targets for Russian soldiers, and are being sheltered by, and defended by Ukraine troops in Mariupol.

Russians launch missiles at anything and anyone from Lviv to Mariupol. Soldiers they capture to interrogate. Civilians they murder because there is nothing to interrogate them for. Russian barbarism in its element. Disgusting Russian troops doing barbaric things to Ukraine citizens.

Some posters have no shame for what Russia is doing to these poor people. Heartless, cruel and inhumane. And still they post their lies. Readers know who they are.

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Only one country invaded the other. Only one country talks about eradicating the nationality of the other. Only one country is currently bombarding the bejesus out of civilians. Only one country. Russia.

Some of us are not blind to the faults of the Ukrainian state or of Ukrainian history. Some of us are cultural Russophiles, we love the artistic legacy and culture of Russia. Some of us have family members whose family were murdered by Stepan Bandera Ukrainian nationalists. None of that is relevant to the current situation. Only one country is in the wrong, right now, while we’re tapping out these posts on our phones or our computers, and that country is Russia. You fail to understand that, you make excuses, and you are morally deficient.

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I used to be part of the German Friedensbewegung way back in the early 80s. I have learned painfully that you cannot appease a raging bull (or in this case, bear) by waving an olive twig and asking him to come to the negotiation table. You can either hide behind said table and wait until he comes crashing through or get the weapons necessary to blast that menace to peace away.

Frieden schaffen ohne Waffen (make peace without arms) only works as long as you're dealing with someone with a conscience, with morals, with values like human life is prescious.

Putinistan has made clear it has no such values.

Give the Ukraine anything she wants, bayraktars, tanks, anti-rocket systems, long-range missiles, submarines, cruisers, whatever.

Cut off the bloody purchase of Russian coal, oil and gas NOW. And keep sanctions intact until Putin and his ilk are gone and the Ukraine is rebuilt.

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BigYenToday 08:44 pm JST

Well said BigYen.

One nation is in the wrong for invading and killing civilians and war crimes and it is Russia. Pointing to Ukraine faults does nothing to alter facts of Russian aggression and war crimes.

No nation is perfect or completely innocent , including Ukraine, but it is the invaded, not the invader.

Russia started this conflict, stoked this conflict and it will only end when Russia ends it.

Azov battalion cant end this. Ukraine can fight and remain free and sovereign or Surrender and become once again a puppet for Moscow.

Surrender is just not an acceptable option.

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*meaning "the WHOLE Ukraine" - wouldn't mind if she gets access to the Caspian Sea while going.

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Ukraine being naive is part the reason,they in this situation with Russia,they think they will get endless support from Europe and especially the US, thinking they will get a 50 billion dollar free loan from the G7 countries,having the same corrupt mentality, Russia war will bleed their country dry Google Ukraine IMF Loan

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And keep sanctions intact until Putin and his ilk are gone and the Ukraine is rebuilt.

the next round of sanctions (they will work this time, Round 6!) have been delayed until after the French election.

EU is afraid that it will cause a gas price increase that will cause Macron to lose the election.

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Nazis, schmazis are just Putin's fabricated excuses to grab Ukrainian lands, just like the German invaders invented Jewish conspiracies to justify their ethnic cleansing Holocaust with the ulterior motive of incorporating long-established Slavic territories into the Reich. It's a no-brainer that every military and police organization in the world is a magnet for "Nazis", ie., authoritarian psychos and uniform fetishists.

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