'Facebook killer' commits suicide after brief chase: police

By Laurence Chu

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The man was armed & known to kill random strangers, and yet the MacDonald's staff delayed his food order in order to give the police time to get there. Wow.

And the Pennsylvania State Police rushed to get there, rammed their car into the car of an armed, random-victim killer. Wow.

My hat is off to all of the people who tried to give the Godwin family justice in this sad situation.

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What a piece of garbage.

One thing I have to wonder though, did his parents really name him Steven Stephens? Seems like a joke.

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I think we can say one thing with confidence - it's a good thing this guy Stephens had a gun to protect himself in case someone had attacked him. It's not like he would use it for wrong... would he?

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It's important to consider of the ripple effect of creating victims. The direct family & friends, the first responders, the police investigators, the people who know or know of this person murdered in cold blood, those who were in fear of being in the presence of the the killer, those who were in shock of hearing about the crime, and so on and so forth; are all victims of this crime. A single action doesn't imply a single reaction in this instance. This killing shocked the entire planet, and we're all being forced to deal with the effects.

I was informed today by my boss that the victim in this case is the grandfather of an employee who works for us. I now feel a slight connection to this story. What should I say to my good-working employee now? What can I say? How could I possibly comfort my friend? I have to answers these questions on my own now. The result of a senseless deranged act that victimized more than one person.

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He should have shot himself first. The woman will be doing some soul-searching too.

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That poor old man who has done nothing wrong but died without knowing why in front of his gun! Please remember him!

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Tragic story about mental illness and and a nice old man. Sadly, a story which is bound to repeat itself over again.

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