'Flying Tiger' ace WW2 pilot dies at 103


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Thank you for your service in beating back Japanese fascism and bringing democracy to the Japanese people.

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Looking more and more like we may be flying again to protect The Republic of China (Taiwan) from a militant aggressor.

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Nihon is quite forgiving of its past foes. I wonder how many "Western" news media commemorated the passing of Sakai Saburō in 2000... one of the 'greatest' air warriors to ever pursue one of Mankind's oldest 'dreams', to fly, and to kill while doing it...

Someone please teach us why ‘Christian’ and ‘Gentlemen’ is or could be used in this context about killing many others out of a fighter plane.

'Christians' have been the shock troops of Western 'civilization' for many generations. Some prominent and unforgivable examples are the Americas, N, C, and S, and Hawaii among MANY more. And, of course, "Onward Christian Soldiers" sung by millions without the slightest sense of irony. It's just us Humans, Boss...

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"Stephen Bonner flew "five confirmed and five probable aerial victories and additionally was credited with damaging two more fighters and bombers,"

'aerial VICTORIES' is a bizarre euphemism for what it actually means...


Thank you for the reference. Hadn't heard this before in such a moving rendition.

But the insanity of psychopathic greed doesn't listen to any other music but the clink of Gold coins...and we, the people, are always susceptible to the sounds of the drums and the exhortations of monsters after thousands of generations of nothing else as consistent in Human natural selection as mass murdering ourselves...psychopathy rules us because, unlike the average Human, our psychopaths can and do kill us without conscience when we would interfere with their greed. And we honor the worst of them as just a perusal of the names we enshrine in History will tell us. When I hear "Thank you for your service!" I always think of my 'service' to whom exactly...and I don't feel it as a positive remark.

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