'Good riddance,' China says as Germany leaves U.N. Security Council

By Michelle Nichols

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China's deputy U.N. ambassador, Geng Shuang, accused Heusgen of abusing the Security Council to launch "malicious" attacks on other members "in an attempt to poison the working atmosphere".

The Chinese side cannot bear free speech as it is a foreign concept for them...

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China - classless as always!

AND about time Germany takes care of ALL Germans rather than just VW, else it will soon be a case of 'sprechen sie Chinesisch?'

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China sent 250,000 troops to the Korean Peninsula to kill UN Troops in 1950. Why are they even in the UN much less on the PSC?

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Meanwhile, Not a hint of remorse or apology from China for inflicting covid19 on the entire planet.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

Had China played its cards right, it could have really looked like a great country while Trump has been on the loose. With the problems in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the naked aggression in the South China Sea, the Uighur people, COVID - 19, etc., China wants to be treated equally like everybody else so long as that doesn't mean criticizing its bully-like behavior.

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It should be China leaving the security council as currently they are amongst the biggest threats to worldwide security, both militarily and economically. Time has come for a global embargo on Chinese goods and in general doing business with China. The arrogance and hubris displayed by the CCP is dangerous. They want the world to be subservient to them. They don't believe in human rights nor do they believe in being a good international citizen.

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This is why the Security Council is such a feckless organization, as it is paralyzed with the permanent members being immune to any sanction - and now, even to any perceived criticism.

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The UN is dysfunctional, corrupt and beyond redemption. Its credibility has been in decline for years and now is zero. It used to be a very respected and trusted body. Long gone.

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