'No use worrying': Taiwanese tourists carry on despite China threat

By Amber WANG

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But the vast majority of Taiwanese have long rejected that model -- even more so after witnessing Beijing crush political freedoms in Hong Kong over the past three years following huge democracy protests.

Who could blame them? Hong Kong is quickly becoming just a pale shadow of what it used to be, and instead it became (another) tangible proof that the CCP will not respect any promises of respect and autonomy.

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The Xi regime has no appetite for a bloody invasion of Taiwan proper, that is for sure. But seeing the growing strength of CCP CHina plus the need of Xi for a demonstration of strength in response to American provocations, I think it is entirely possible that Xi will annex the Kinmen islands. A look at map shows that that would be very feasible. So better hurry with that Kinmen visit...

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I think it is entirely possible that Xi will annex the Kinmen islands. A look at map shows that that would be very feasible. So better hurry with that Kinmen visit...

What you hope for, and what Communist China have the guts to do, are very different.

China wouldn't dare.

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Business is first priority. Destroying that would be stupid.

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Any Battle of Taiwan would be decided in the Straits of Malacca. China is vulnerable to an oil blockade; they've got maybe 2 months of oil if they conserve. After that, it would be whatever they could squeeze through the pipeline from Russia.

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American provocations?

America has been doing the same things for 40 yrs. It is the CCP who is being provocative. There are multiple lists and they aren't short, for how the CCP is being provocative in the region and around the world. Sometimes with "soft power" and sometimes with violence and destruction. is one. Many college campuses with Chinese foreign students have an ongoing silent war with pro-CCP groups destroying any pro-Chinese freedom events, fliers, signage.

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A few people in suites visiting an independent country are hardly equivalent to building naval bases in someone else's waters, like China has done,

Or violating 1-country, 2-systems agreements for the SARs,

Or kidnapping foreign visitors because a Chinese citizen was found inside a country where legal process is actually honored, caught violating the laws there.

Or placing 1M+ people into camps because they want to use their language, their religion, and be left alone to leave in peace.

Or forcing aircraft flying in international airspace to the land

Or flying military J-16 aircraft near other planes in international airspace closer than international rules allow - which is 1000ft (~333m).

Hardly equivalent to inviting a few suites over for a day or 2 of talking. Comparing talking to actions that can kill multiple people is wrong.

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No use worrying'

Great to hear from a well-balanced guy.

I'm tired of world leaders scare-mongering as if we should be worried and scared at any little move made by a country they dislike. They'd like us trembling in our boots. They should grow a pair and tell us there's no need to be afraid we've got this covered

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