Tongans determined to rebuild battered homeland after eruption


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Thoughts & prayers for the people of Tonga and other affected island communities. The cable for international calls was severed and was first reported to take “about 2 week” to repair. It may now be a month. There are a high volume of calls within the ‘local’ network so, it’s still difficult to learn of the whereabouts & conditions of many. “Thank you” to the first responders and those countries flying & sailing in aid.

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the dual eruption-tsunami "an unprecedented disaster"

Areas along the Pacific Rim should be prepared for more "unprecedented disasters". Unfortunately it's unlikely governments and the corporations controlling the world will make many changes to keep the planet from further warming.The fossil fuel barons have a stranglehold on all of us.

Get Ready for More Volcanic Eruptions as the Planet Warms

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The Kingdom of Tonga has much to worry about, since nearly all the human living areas are just slightly above sea level.

With climate change, they will need to move higher. They already have forced relocations due to sea level rise, coastal flooding and rebuilt annually due to other storms.

Tonga is #3 on the worldwide natural disaster risk list.

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