'The stakes are enormous:' Bannon case tests Congress' power


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Bannon needs to d jailed until

he agrees to appear. We aren’t talking about one of the numerous Republican witch hunts into Hillary. This is about a sitting President ordering his insurrectionists followers to storm the seat of our government in an attempt to interfere with the electoral process.

The public deserves answers. Trump’s traitorous friends should be subject to the coercive powers of government until they understand that they are not special.

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Congress needs to string him up but he's covered himself in so much of others' dirt they need a hasmat suit to go near him. He's got dirt on everyone. Hopefully it makes for some entertaining news (drama).

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Yeah they had a chance. until Biden opened his mouth publicly that he expects the supposedly "independent" DOJ to do what he says.

Asked by CNN's Kaitlan Collins what his message is to those who refuse subpoenas from the panel, Biden said, "I hope that the committee goes after them and holds them accountable."

Pressed on whether he thinks those people should be prosecuted by the department, the President said, "I do, yes."

which required DOJ to immediately cover up for him:

Department spokesman Anthony Coley said Friday that "the Department of Justice will make its own independent decisions in all prosecutions based solely on the facts and the law. Period. Full stop."

"And Justice officials have avoided revealing what they will do with the referral, which hasn't been used to prosecute anyone in decades."

Including no prosecution for famed wingman" Eric Holder. who was praised for doing what Bannon is doing.

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Bannon is a small thief and a known liar.

Even if he is forced to testify he will claim the 5th, so I don’t have much hope of getting anything out of him.

However prison is where he belongs, he stole money from the gullible GOP supporters to fun a lavish lifestyle and deserves punishment.

Difficult to understand why the right wing still back him, he stole their money, how can that compensate the mindless bigotry that comes out of him???

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Lock him up.

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Eric Holder was not locked up for the same "crime".

Lock them both up?

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It's not a question anymore.

Republicans are traitors. They defend **** like Bannon. Why? Because Bannon is a traitor for them.


What great ads this will make in 2022! Just quote Bannon and show clips of these cowards defending him.

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Bannon has called Trump "just another scumbag", said the Trump Org was a "criminal enterprise", and Don Jr and Jared meeting with a Russian agent at Trump Tower was "an act of treason".....

And the Trump supporters here are all defending him....

Welcome to MAGA-world.....

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Lock them both up?

Lmao nope. Not even remotely the same.

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The difference between why Holder was subpoenaed (harassment by republicans) and why Bannon has been subpoenaed (promoting an insurrection) are miles apart.

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The difference between why Holder was subpoenaed (harassment by republicans) and why Bannon has been subpoenaed (promoting an insurrection) are miles apart.

Also, Bannon wasn't a part of the Trump administration on 1/6. Holder was always a member of the Obama administration.

Additionally, Holder also came to an agreement with the congress, which Bannon hasn't done.

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Stevie B has a whole mess of problems and the mostly stem from him spouting off (imagine that?).

He is on video telling people "Tomorrow, all Hell is going to break loose!" As former Gov. Perry once said, "oops."

Liz is not having any of his BS and has rightly called him out.

He was not an employee of the Administration at the time and thus does not have Executive Privilege which the former guy is not in a position to claim because he is, well.... the FORMER guy.

He is not a lawyer so he does not have attorney client privilege.

He is wantonly violating a legal subpoena without the slightest legal leg to stand on.

He is going to testify under oath or he is going to jail and maybe both.

The only real question now with respect to will he or wont he is if he takes the 5th on every single question.

We all remember what Donald said about people who take the 5th, right?

I guess a supplemental question could be is it worth granting him immunity in order to compel his testimony. I am 50/50 on that one.

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The pussyfooted Congress instead of FIRST taking out Bannon with their tool of Inherent Contempt rusting in their legal toolbox and locking him up in the jail cell under the House (to loosen his tongue) has merely decided to pluck this unkempt low-hanging fruit of Trumpconspirators, to work their way up slowly to the more culpable players who will NEVER be charged because Bannon will run out the clock before them. As the avatar of "Oliver North", Bannon will serve some time, but just enough to pen a book to feather his nest after his release by his grateful Republican friends as a pay-off for his omertà.

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