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This photo shows White Island after its volcanic eruption in New Zealand on Monday. Image: George Novak/New Zealand Herald via AP

5 dead, many more missing or injured after New Zealand volcano erupts


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I hope the missing are found and alive.

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Let’s hope that by some miracle those twenty or so hikers had enough warning and were able to get to shelter.

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Very risky place to visit. Very sad to hear about deaths though. Hope the fatalities are very limited.

More information.


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Pyroclastic flow is nasty stuff, moving at mind-boggling speeds snuffing everything in its path by heat and gas, and it often follows a course which leads to the most convenient area for ships to berth or people to live. I hope the remainder found shelter.

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He (Michael Schade) told the BBC he was at the crater just 30 minutes before the eruption. "It was still safe-ish but they were trying to limit the group sizes [of people visiting the volcano]."

Ah, so the tour guides were to some extent aware that things were dodgy today.


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There will be questions asked as to why tourists were still able to visit the island after scientists recently noted an uptick in volcanic activity.

Yep. It beggars belief that Tour operator$ let the tourists on the island despite the recent volcanic activity. This needs to be fully investigated.

I can only hope the victims (at least 5) died quickly/instantly and didn't suffer knowing what was happening. rip

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Latest updates:

Deputy police commissioner John Tims confirmed tonight to reporters that five of the people rescued have died and the victims are of a “range of nationalities”.

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People who were going on tours to the island were made to sign a release knowing full well the dangers , the police are now saying that all those who were alive were evacuated, only ones who didnt get off the island were those who were already dead.

No living were lift behind .

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Since the Maori spelling of "wh" is pronounced "f" in most dialects, its like they were trying to warn us. Sad.

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People have always loved a whiff of danger, such as eating fugu blowfish, well knowing of the deadly poison the chef has hopefully removed.

Sometimes we sail too close to the wind.... and Nature pounces.

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Level 3 alert: Possible risk of an eruption.


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New Zealand government doesn't care about lives I guess. Exclusion zone, ban people from going there?

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I would say the cruise ship was firstly liable as it was published by the NZ govt. They'll have their starboards sued off by victims families.

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It being the data. Sorry

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@ZENJI 'Why Were They There'?

Same reason why people visit NZ and other interesting places.

Lets put it in perspective here. Yellowstone NP could go off any moment as well, yet thousands visit it every day.

The Whakaari/White Island tour is organised according to Geonet alert levels, often a geologist accompany tour groups and precautions such as gas mask are issued to all visitors. Lets not forget NZ's other world famous attractions are also active volcanoes, eg Tongariro crossing, Mt Ruapehu (yes thousands ski down an active volcano each winter, and hike it in summer.

My thoughts are with those who are missing, for the moment, let's not get into the blame game. Just know that the tour is well organised, and safety measures were in place.

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