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1 million march in France as unions call new pension protests


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French do love to strike, with vigueur!

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Something wrong in French politicians ! When you hear a senator blaming the boss of Free company who cut cel phone and internet prices since 20 years to be too much agressive by not rising prices as all companies, what a stock! Disconnected from the real world.

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But there was no brexit in france, wonder why are they protesting.

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This how democracy looks like.

Yep. If they tried that in the US, they would all be imprisoned for insurrection.

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Not a single problem is solved by striking and violence. They don’t want to work to 64? Fine, then work a bit more or more effectively to 62, if you want the same amount of pension money. Other countries have a lot of resources they can sell, oil, gas, whatever. Again others roll their eyes with tears and hold some babies into cameras and just only rely on UNO care packages brought in by planes. Works too. But both methods won’t work in France. They have to develop , produce and sell products on the global market for keeping living standards and pensions. Strikes and street violence don’t sell to anywhere and bring in no money at all.

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Not a single problem is solved by striking and violence. 

They do when people are excluded from voting on an issue, as was the case here. I agree with your take on the rest, but in a democracy people are allowed to vote themselves money - crushing the economy for future generations. It's not ethical or wise, but it's democracy. Sadly, it seems this process is inevitable and cyclical.

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Macron insisted Wednesday that the government's bill to raise the retirement age must be implemented by the end of the year.

Critics attacked him for the statement, describing him as “self-satisfied,” “out of touch” and “offensive.”

Very much so. How about if Macron resign 'by the end of the year' if he's going to be that obstinate and stubborn. He clearly is out of touch.

“The president of the Republic ... is not a king, and he should listen to his people,"

And if he doesn't listen then he must GO.

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