1 winning Powerball ticket to claim $570 million jackpot


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Crazy numbers. Maybe they should draw 10 different groups of numbers so there are 10 winners who get $50 million each (or $30 million after tax etc.).

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Yeah, if it was a guaranteed win of 100 winners of $5 million each every month that would improve the lives of many more. With guaranteed winning tickets that would spike interest so could increase the number of winners as well. A few million is enough, most statistically blow it all and can't handle it. But not everyone

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I could have split this lottery winning with the winner but I forgot to buy a ticket.

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Assuming the winner is a middle aged man, I wonder what he's going to tell his boss on Monday morning? I am sure he is going to gain lots of new friends that he never had before. I hope its not going to wreck his life having that much money.

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Many people pool their money and buy batches of tickets

If one of those tickets win, they split the money among themselves

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Damn, now you will all know where about's I live.......pls leave me alone!

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Usually winners don't announce themselves immediately.

As mentioned your name becomes public.

If you win you usually don't want to announce it so fast.

You should contact a lawyer and accountant and start planning. Change your telephone number and keep your mouth shut. Once you get everything squared away with your lawyer and accountant then make the public announcement, then immediately take a long vacation away from your home residence. Wait it out a few weeks until the news media goes elsewhere and the media storm blows over.

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