10-year-old gives birth in Spain


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Sad, barely able to get into middle school and already having children.

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This little girl is of Romanian origin, meaning she must be a gypsy, which in Spain as in all of Europe, means no education and here we have a little 10 year old girl giving birth to a baby, this in a EU country? If it happened in poor Brazil, Mexico etc..I would not be surprised but in the EU?I am almost sure this kids are not going to Spanish schools, may not even be registered in Spain and this baby is just lucky to be born in a richer country and hopefully the Spanish government will not only take care of this baby but also bring to light this kind of problem, which in Catholic Spain is just a taboo to even talk about such things, make sex education an uphill battle.

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"Medical experts warn that because young girls are still growing, they are at higher risk during pregnancy. Studies have shown that teenage girls are more likely to give birth to premature babies and their infants have a higher chance of dying by age one."

Uh yeah. This is downright creepy. Humans were just not meant to be having babies this young. Even if the plumbing is all there, the architecture and wallpaper aren't. I suspect this is a problem that is going to be made worse by environmental hormones.

The baby is likely to have problems, but so is the mother. Can you imagine what that prolactin is going to do to a 10 year old? And what about bone growth? Her body will take her calcium and give it to the baby, IF she is "lucky". I would not be surprised if this girl winds up an emotional and physical wreck before high school.

Bad news.

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Creepy? Not creepy at all to me. Been happening since the beginning of time.

Just unhealthy, unhygienic, and old-fashioned now in a civilized world. Unfortunately, younger and younger girls are seeing having a baby as an attractive option.

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That is so against nature. Stranger things have not happened, yet.

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This little girl is of Romanian origin, meaning she must be a gypsy,

Romanian does not mean gypsy. Gypsies are usually called Roma people. If she is a gypsy, it is normal to give birth so young, they marry and have babies very young usually (as a rule).

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Good god what is happening in the EU or Romania for this to be going on, surely this girl and her child are destined for a life of ill health, no education and poverty. Young people of this age should not be having sex and getting pregnant full stop, society in this area needs a good R's kicking.

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Poor girl. Definitely custody of the baby should be given to the girl's parents (as long as they are not abusive) at least until she reaches age of majority.

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Klein2, you say humans were not meant to have babies this young. I don't think so.

The fact that she had a healthy baby and she went through labor without complications sort of flies in the face of all the warnings by the "experts." Many more cases like this out there including high altitude subsistence populations who "should" be seeing puberty later and have not been exposed to the chemicals we hear so much about. I don't doubt complications are more common in teens, but just how many tenths of a percent are we talking about?

I don't recommend having babies so young, but lets not get dishonest about why. Its nothing to do with what is "natural" or "meant to be".

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dang, mom and daughter can go shopping together and probably fit into the same size clothes and be "best friends forever"

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I trust the Spaniards will take the child away from this Romanian "Gypsy" Family. The Childs child would only be used as a begging tool.

@LoveUSA.. Thanks for letting us all know the difference between the Roma Romanian and the Roma Gypsy.

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A 10-year-old human is a child whichever way you look at it. The girl's parents obviously failed to protect their daughter, no way they should be given custody of the baby.

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Actually the Roma(part of the Gypsie Familie) originated in South Asia (Indian peninsula) and than migrated to ME & Europe.

Youngest mother, IIRC, is a 6yr old from South America.

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In the old days(going back across the aqes) it was common for a 13/14yr old to be married and already have born a child, back than most people also didn't make it past age 35~40.

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As far as a 10 year old being a child anyway you look at it, maybe you forgot she just had a baby? She may be a child in every other aspect, but for this one, I am afraid she isn't.

I would say that not only her parents, but also society failed to protect her. There are so many choices of birth control for starters. There is also the option of abortion.

And the idea that she cannot be a victim of abuse because the father is also a minor leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The idea that rape is dependent on age has come fool circle. No one is as blind as one who refuses to see. One is either guilty of rape or one is not. Age is a rule of thumb. Its not absolute either way. Minors can and do rape. And when they do so, they should be punished severely.

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10 years old is a child any way you look at it. Sexual maturity is always completely different than mental maturity. Think of it this way, does being capable of having sex automatically make a person a "man" or "woman" no matter what age they are? No it does not. Mature adults are capable of having children, and get this, capable of taking care of and RAISING said children. Adults are capable of going to work for a living to provide for their children such as feeding them, clothing, putting a roof over their head, and hopefully educating them. Also you forgot to mention this childs other option is to give the child up for adoption since she most certainly is in no position to raise it on her own with the parents she has/or had. Society did not fail her, her parents did, she came into Spain pregnant so it can't be determined if she was forcefully raped or not (although it can easily be classified as statutory by Spanish law unless the minors are within a certain age range considering their current inaction). Obviously she was not well educated in the first place, or possibly the culture she came from taught her otherwise.

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She may no longer have her innocence as a child but she is still most certainly a child and is going to be treated as such until she grows a bit older.

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So the father is a minor, how close in age to the mother? I assume the boy can't be say 17 or he would definitely be charged with rape, must be close in age to the girl. This is a prime example of why you better know what's going on with your kids. Have the talk early because kids are having sex much earlier than you think.

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Agree with usaexpat.

Have the talk early, don't have to be in detail or graphic. In europe is not uncommon for basic sex-ed to happen when a child is still 6 or 7.

Schools have good sex-ed too at around age 12~13 and of course protection, etc is covered too. Basic message is early sex is ok(and somewhat expected) but be protected and do it right.

I recall my sex-ed class our teacher was blushing and humming and we corrected her on some points and that was nearly 30yrs ago.

Parents should be open and discuss it at a level to suit the childs age. Especially if the start asking questions like "Where to kids come from", etc. Just don't give them Stork, pumpkin patch, etc answer because YOU are uncomfortable discussing it.

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The girl's parents obviously failed to protect their daughter, no way they should be given custody of the baby.

And they are also probably only about 10 years older than the mother.

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What I said is that it is not normal. I guess you have a problem with that. Let me explain.

Take a 9 year old boy. Hang some little breasts on him. Then cut off his penis and give him a vagina and squeeze the tubes uterus, etc. in there somewhere. Got it? That is not a woman.

Even if a girl becomes able to conceive a child, humans were made such that puberty is SUPPOSED to occur after almost all bone development is finished. With girls, all but the last growth spurt occurs before or during puberty. That is changing, but it is not evolutionary. It is being caused by chemicals or some other factors. In medieval times and even in poor conditions, having children before 13 was just not commonplace.

Unhealthy? You bet. It is difficult for a woman to supply calcium for fetal bone development as it is. In even slightly malnourished conditions, a child going through rapid bone development will be cannibalized by the fetus. Osteoporosis? How about stunted growth AND osteoporosis? How about increased absorption of heavy metals in conditions of malnourishment? That happens too. Kidney failure. Brain damage. In summary, putting the burden of a reporductive system onto a system that must grow and change rapidly as part of human development is apt to destroy the systems.

I have serious doubts that child breasts can supply milk to a baby. And that prolactin will hit that girl's system like a ton of bricks. Hormones produce violent changes in people and shorten our lifespans, mostly.

Don't get me started on birth canal problems. Basically, if the baby is small enough to get through there, it is too small to be healthy, and if it is not too small, then it is obviously too big, isn't it? And something has to give. So all of you saying "oh it is natural" remember that centuries ago... even a century ago... it was natural for men to marry three or four times because their wives kept dying in childbirth. Their kids did too. They just kept going til they got it right.

Creepy? Yep. Something about little kids having full on sex to procreate seems wrong to me. They are acting out something. They are not deciding anything. Humans should not be breeding. They should be forming households and caring for children properly and independently if possible.

"The fact that she had a healthy baby and she went through labor without complications sort of flies in the face of all the warnings by the "experts." "

Modern medicine can handle a woman having 8 kids simultaneously. That does not mean it is healthy or natural. You don't know what you are talking about. Keeping the kid alive does not mean it would normally be viable. And where does it say in the article that there were no complications? I would imagine she got good prenatal care and had decent nutrition. And even then she could bottle feed it. Still does not mean she is ok.

I understand that people have to troll on subjects like this. If having sex with little girls is something people have to defend, go someplace else. What I am talking about is the medical problems of childbirth, which you don't care about anyway.

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This is so messed up I don't even know where to begin.

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