100,000 march in Belarus capital on 50th day of protests


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Good to see there are still many individuals who don't want an authoritarian for life (or perhaps some time late next decade) ruling them.

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CIA never gives up until they get their man.

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Dont know enough about Belarus, but I do hope there is no Ukraine style foreign funded Maidan scheming going on.

On a side note, I notice there are no masks, no social distancing, and the Corona death toll in Belarus is extremely low. Wonder how that fits in the usual narrative.

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CIA never gives up until they get their man

This time CIA outsourced the dirty work to the Polish Intelligence service. Opposition media mainly based in Poland, funded by Polish money, fully supported by Polish authorities (no inteference in internal affairs of other states, no sir!!).


I do hope there is no Ukraine style foreign funded Maidan scheming going on

Very good point. These hordes of idiots, marching under banners of WWII local nazi collaborators, completely ignored the example of neighboring idiots from Ukraine, who also under banners of their WWII nazi collaborators joyfully destroyed their country which now is the poorest in Europe.

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Tinfoil helmet Russian nationalists be damned.

The dictator has to go.

Just like Tziny Tiny Putin next-door.


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How about the tinfoil helmet believers of globalist propaganda, excusing Soros funded undermining of nation states?

Soros funds democratic initiatives. I know a lot of people love spinning conspiracies about him being part of some Jewish cabal trying to undermine nation-states, but it is simply untrue. Most of the people who do this are far right extremists angry because liberals like Soros are actually successful businesspeople and do good things with the wealth they have amassed.

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