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100-year-old driver hits 11 near LA school


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but people shouldn't really be driving at that age.

Why? Most people at that age that drive don't have any accidents. They don't have a high rate of accidents either.

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assault rifle the best

Good luck with that considering the average one in the US costs over $10,000. Do you even know what an Assault Rifle is?

imagine if everybody was having a gun, they could take out this guy before hurting anybody.

Is this comment really necessary Timeon? That comment made in the quotes is only used during deliberate acts of violence against other people. It is very clear from the witnesses that this wasn't a deliberate act.

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My mother-in-law was 86 when she hit the gas instead of the brakes and pinned my son to the wall of the garage. I was right there, got to see the whole thing. Luckily my son jumped and just ended up with his leg in a cast for six weeks.

The cops made my MiL take another drivers test, which she passed. At 90 she is still driving but my daughter says riding with her for 10 miles produced 3 near misses. It's scary bad but the authorities are powerless. There's no mass transit system so the old folks in the USA have to drive to get anywhere and they know the loss of a license is a major blow to independence. It's going to be a real problem.

I would have expected Japan to be safer in this regard but it doesn't seem to be, reading the papers. Odd.

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As I've said before, make self driving vehicles more common and have people over a certain age be required to use them to get from place to place. If you're blind, handicapped, or just too old have an automated chauffer drive you safely from place to place.

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The law has to be reviewed and updated.

This sounds like we are allowing gunds to 5 years old. kids to kill.others

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100 years old and if he makes it to his birthday in September 101?? DWTO?? Driving while too old?? California, and many US states need to make some new laws because this kind of mess will only increase with the graying of the US population! I hope nobody dies from this old dudes fault. He is now trying to blame his Cadillac brakes?? Sorry, I think that would work over with Toyota and their Hybrids.

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Nice thing about life in Tokyo, you're no more than 4-5 minutes on foot from the nearest kombini with an ATM. I see very few geriatric drivers.

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"We shall see about that bit about the brakes failing."

I think it is more likely the old dude's aptitude that failed. Tragic accident, but people shouldn't really be driving at that age.

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Horrible. We shall see about that bit about the brakes failing.

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