14 dead as Saudi coalition bombs Yemen after UAE attack


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The UN Secretary General is useless. He only "deplored" the Huthi civilian casualties in the counter-strike but said nothing about the UAE citizens killed in Abu Dhabi.

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Did the UAE hire the Israeli regime's PR machine, or did the US grant them the 'hero' designation? (Read the book Hench if you need that second bit spelled out)

Years of it bombing hospitals and civilians to deny the majority of a place the ability to pick their own government yet somehow it is portrayed as the injured party responding to an attack, rather than a ruthless attacker resorting to increased viciousness because the chosen victim is fighting back.

PS, the 'Iran-backed Houthis' label hides that the majority of the Yemen military and population revolted against the 'legitimate government' (a designation bestowed by foreigners, not Yemenis, on a corrupt regime) and that even with American backing, and all the funds the Suad crime family and the UAE crime families syndicate to play with, the regime can't buy enough Yemen fighters, or even buy off enough Yemen fighters, to hold much territory in Yemen.

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The history of Yemen is one of nearly incessant warfare. Tribe on tribe, tribes against the Romans, the Ottomans, the British, the Saudis, the Egyptians, and on and on. The northern tribes have long been independent of the south and have often fought bitter wars against each other. The Saudis conquered the north for a short period in the 1930s but lost it to rebellion. The Brits controlled the south, using it as a refueling stop for ships traveling between Suez and India but were thrown out in 1967. North and South Yemen were separate nations that fought bitter wars before Arab League efforts succeeded in forming a single nation out of the two. Two civil wars followed before the current conflict. It is probably not a place that will ever be unified and at peace. Southern Yemen has long been the poorer of the two Yemens and Houthi grievance was originally based on their lack of economic development. The ethno-religious aspect arose out of the rise of Al Qaeda in Yemen. AQ considers Shiites to be apostates to be killed, and proceeded to kill Houthis and other Shiites they encountered. The Arab Spring and the general poverty of the nation added more dissident factions to the mix.

Interesting aside but for a time during WWII Aden was the second busiest port in the world after New York.

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