11 killed, 45 injured in St Petersburg metro blast; 2nd bomb defused


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RIP to the victims, condolences to their families and friends. I hope the authorities quickly apprehend the perpetrators and all behind these cowardly and heinous murders.

Probably ISIS, in retaliation for Russia helping to liberate Aleppo.

Foreign military powers involved in other nation's affairs put their own people in their homeland at risk of terrorist attacks. All foreign powers should leave Syria. The longer foreign powers stay in MENA, the greater the risk for their citizens back home.

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They are looking for 2 men. Given Russia problems they could be from s number of locations or conflicts.

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Pointless to guess who, they will be found and them and their surrounding people and family will be punished by death. Condolences to my birth city,

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So sorry for the loss of innocent people. We all hate cowardly terrorism and violence. No question. But I fear it will be awful to watch how attacks of this kind get used--again--to consolidate power and suppress dissent.

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Probably ISIS, in retaliation for Russia helping to liberate Aleppo.

Actually some people say they are terrorists from Dagestan or Chechnya. But who knows. Russia has made many enemies.

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Or Clinton?

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The unexploded bomb was shown on the news and looked smaller in construction than the pressure cooker bombs normally advertised by these sick 'religious' fanatics.

(Aleppo was held by other anti-Syrian-govt factions, I believe, and not by IS per se.)

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Probably Putin hearding the sheep back to the fold

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The BBC is reporting that DNA from remains has confirmed one of the bombers to be in his 20s and from Central Asia.

Such a sad and wasteful thing to happen. What is so wrong with people that they think this could ever be justified?

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Rip innocents. Terrorists must be stopped but unfortunately the best way is for everyone to watch their neighbors and report unusual behavior which is like the east German stazi. No easy way to solve this problem

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Probably ISIS, in retaliation for Russia helping to liberate Aleppo

Misinformation; ISIS never held Aleppo. It could be ISIS, but not over Aleppo; more likely to be domestic though

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Condolences to the victims families.The is an atrocity, carnage on pubic transport carrying women children and young families. It is an outrage.

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May the souls of all the dead people rest in peace as it is sure that the days of terrorism will be OVER "very soon". I state my condolences to all the victims' families. God be with all of us.

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An image from a security camera showed the identity of one of the terrorists, of the peaceful religion persuasion.

Will the colors of the Russian flag be cast upon the usual landmarks in support against terrorists?

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