11 killed in China as car plows into square; driver attacks people


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Wow. That's more than was killed in that mass shooting in California.

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Imagine if the driver had a gun to use in that crowded square.....

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Wow. That's more than was killed in that mass shooting in California.

And this, not being about guns, will attract fewer posts.

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Governments around the world are bending over backwards to find 'other' reasons for these attacks, not linking them to terrorism if at all possible.

By the same token, a certain extreme religious group is aware of this type of lonely individual who harbors a grudge against society, and it deliberately aims to give legitimacy to such inhuman acts of atrocity that they might have been contemplating. Drugs and mental imbalance form illogical but terrifying interconnections between them.

Seen from the standpoint of that group though, we are all united, China, the USSR, the USA, Europe, as their common enemy and 'legitimate' target.

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Crazy people find a way.

It isn't about having a weapon, since almost anything can be a weapon. Rope, clothing, vehicles, water, almost anything.

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It isn't about having a weapon, since almost anything can be a weapon.

Maybe it's about having the right weapon. A car is fine for killing at random, but not so good if the intended victim is in a building. A bomb probably works most places, but requires some skill and preparation. But guns tend to work in any situation, and can be used by anyone who has access to one. For anyone intent on killing, guns make the job simpler.

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Crazy people find a way.

Ain't that the truth. And looking around the world, one could get the distinct impression that "crazy" is on the rise pretty much across the board. Looks like society is swinging away from the path of liberal progression and is becoming more reactionary, intolerant and violent. That's probably because humans, by nature, are reactionary, intolerant and violent.

You see it all over the place. Governments becoming more conservative and some more dictatorial. Extremist religious ideologies are finding fertile growing environments around the world. Genocidal policies, political violence in the streets, mass shootings and terrorist attacks all seem to be becoming the new normal.

It just might be that the progressive path that society has been trying so hard to stay on for the last 80 or so years, is just too artificial and contrary to basic human nature to be unsustainable.

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