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11-year-old gives birth to girl in Paraguay


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It's a woman's right (or a girl's right as in this case) to be able to choose whether to have an abortion or not, especially if they've been raped. Added to that, as in this case, is concern for the life and health of the mother who is still just a little girl.

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I also don't like to see abortion used in a casual manner as just another form of birth control. It shouldn't be viewed that way. However, in the case of rape or danger to the woman/girl, I am supportive of a woman's or girl's right to choose.

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What a travesty.

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That is one messed up country in a very messed up continent. Please do NOT FORGET, the new president of PARAGUAY, used to be a CATHOLIC PRIEST, he quit that and ran for office, while the presidential elections were going on, about 15 young ladies with BABIES came out of the wood works, they all turned out to be HIS BABIES!!!

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So usually in debates about abortion, four hypotheticals are brought up: the mother's life is in danger, the fetus has a genetic disorder, the fetus is a product of incest, or the fetus is a product of rape. Putting the first issue aside, I think the later three hypotheticals all must logically be given the same answer, whether you're pro-choice or pro-life. You see, pro-choice and pro-life arguments are fundamentally about whether the fetus constitutes a human being, and thus whether or not it has a right to life. Due to this, the three hypotheticals I referred to are actually totally irrelevant. If you view the fetus as a human being, than the right to life of a fetus is every bit equal to that of an infant, toddler, child, teenager, senior, etc. And in that case, you simply have to ask yourself the following questions:

Is it moral to commit infanticide if the infant is a product of rape/incest, or has down's syndrome/other genetic abnormalities? Of course the answer is no, and so if you do view a fetus as a human being, then the answer to whether or not abortion is moral in those circumstances must likewise be no. Of course if you're pro-choice then it doesn't matter no matter what - the fetus isn't a human being, so it doesn't matter whether the child is a product of rape or not. They don't have any rights.

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The girl’s mother has been charged with negligence.

The mother filed a charges against his husband in january 2014, but the police didn't intervene.


Carlos Gilizzola, a physician who holds a seat in the Senate, said he that for four years he has been pushing legislation to increase sex education funding. “The majority of Christian churches, led by the Catholic Church, campaigned in 2012 to make sure the bill wasn’t even taken up in committee,” he said.

The condom use in Paraguay is less than 20%. And it isn't self-evident in Japan either. When there were international scout camp in Japan this summer, condoms were taken away by attendants.

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In this case I can agree stormcrow, but abortion as a form of birth control has no 'right'. She has a choice to use other methods or abstain. If she chooses to be sexually active without protection her choice is her consequence.

The morning after pill is okay with me, after that, full term unless rape or health concerns. Abortion is a horrible practice. Maybe the mother should see what life she chose to end when she aborts. Many won't do it again.

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