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12 stitches for Obama after errant elbow in hoops


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I stopped playing basketball back in jr.high, the guy I was chasing was much taller than me and some how he ELBOW got me right in my eye, I was on the floor seeing STARS for a few minutes and thought to myself, geez, I am too short for this game! I hope our dear president gets better soon and that this Ray guy be more careful around our dear president, we need him to be real genki when he orders all the bombs to come raining down on North Korea.

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between this and Bush choking on a pretzle I don't know what to say.. who hasn't gotten their lip busted and nada on any news of it. Nope, just kept playing - no special doctor, no one sending me flowers... They really should have kept this quiet.

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Isn't that a major foul?

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Because basketball, some time in the last couple of decades, has become a contact sport.

Does anybody even follow basketball rules anymore? Look at any pro game and you see blatant travelling and all kinds of fouls. Just like football, if they called every infraction, they could never play the game.

I know it seems so untopical, because I am supposed to care about Obama's lip, but if we can't agree on rules, we shouldn't be playing with people we don't know.

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Did the Secret Service take Decerega down? The guy didn't even apologize.

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An MMA fighter bleeds and the game has just begun, something is seriously wrong with basketball Mr. President .

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Eh, probably Big East refs....

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President Obama even takes a 'shellacking' on the basketball court.

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between this and Bush choking on a pretzle I don't know what to say

I was thinking the same thing. First an "errant" pretzel, now an "errant" elbow. I smell a conspiracy ...

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They actually "clarified" the rules so it's no longer travelling. It's all legal now, hahaha.

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Busted lip. Metaphor for a failing presidency.

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in the style of leftift conspiracy nuts everywhere:

Doctors reported then that Obama had yet to kick a smoking habit

how many people is he killing with 2nd hand smoke?

takes anti-inflammatory medication to relieve chronic tendinitis in his left knee



there it is.

should make dietary changes to reduce his cholesterol levels.

lay off the imported gourmet spanish ham and pick up a philly cheese steak.

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exbuldmexicanno- I think he needs to be genki,inoreder to rain those Bombs on the mexicans.That failed state. U thinking of war,then get ready to leave cos this war aint gonna be easy.

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