127 dead, thousands missing in China landslides


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The pictures in the news on TV were absolutely horrible. My heart goes out to all the victims.

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off late natural calamity is ruining many parts of world causing loss of human life in huge number.Is may be a warning bell for those acquiring wealth by the way of corruption, malpractice and illegal way.

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This is so sad. China's perspective though is, "Life is cheap since we have more than enough people". Its sad that if they could pull up the quality of life and safety standards for all of their citizens this would be happening a lot less often with much fewer casualties.

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"Life is cheap since we have more than enough people"

That's just what you think HonestDictator.

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Flash floods, fires, droughts, all a part of global warming and China is a part of it because it have become the industrial engine of the world. if you feel sorry for this disaster then blame yourself, we are all responsible. We should call it GLOBAL WARNING!!

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You're misinterpreting my comment Triple888, I pulled that phrase from a Chinese person giving a warning to a tourist. "Be careful, life is cheap here. Welcome to China." The Chinese think that way and their government thinks that way. If you haven't noticed they have a lot of disasters that constantly kill off hundreds if not thousands of the populace there. So yes, in China life is cheap.

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