13,200 more Kennedy assassination records released


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I'm saying that there had to have been a second spitter, behind the bushes on the gravelly road

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Agreed. A few things which are interesting about the whole thing is you've got:

Dr. Charles Crenshaw (Conspiracy of Silence) who examined JFK is on the record and stated that JFK's head wound clearly indicated that he was shot from the front.

The Zapruder Film which shows JFK's head being thrown backwards at the moment of impact from a rifle round.

3. Then there's JFK's wife, Jackie, jumping on the back of the limo during the assassintation not to escape but to retrieve JFK's brain fragments. If the head shot had been from the back, then JFK's brains would've been to the front of the car, not the back. 

It all points in the same direction. A front shot which means a second gunman.

Any experienced hunter knows that a bullet makes a little hole going in and a big hole when it exits. Check out the autopsy photos of JFK's face. His face is perfect except for one very small hole on his forehead. If Oswald was behind JFK in the book depository at the time JFK was shot, then there must have been a second gunman to the front. Oswald was also involved, but also, as Oswald said, "I'm a patsy". It looks like he really was a patsy.

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