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13 wounded in Louisiana memorial service shooting


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Thoughts and prayers.  Rinse and repeat.  And remember, right after mass shootings is not the time to discuss gun control.  Refer to first sentence if in doubt.

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I'm surprised mass shootings in America are still considered news. You'd think the people would be bored of such stories by now with the frequency at which they occur.

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Bored? No chance..... lots of dark humour in this story..

Just imagine being shot at a memorial for a shooting victim.. Oh, the irony!

I’m sure they were all cracking up in the ambulance on the way to hospital.

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The guns and ammo sellers will see increased profits from people replenishing supplies.

Taxpayers will once again pick up the tabs for emergency service personnel, eventual legal costs and other expenses.

Once again non-gun owners, the majority of Americans, pay more so gun owners, including thugs, can keep their weapons. And the guns and ammo businesses can get richer. Sick.

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Gang members shooting gang members. No one will cooperate with the police so the vicious cycle of retribution will continue.

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Mass shooting? This was a gang drive-by; check photos of Dominique and his shirt hints he might have been a Blood.

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Only in America can you get shot at a funeral.

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