13-year-old girl raped, killed on overnight train in Thailand


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Disgusting. That poor girl and her family. RIP.

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I hope they catch the evil criminal and ASAP!! RIP poor little Thai girl

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@Elbuda Mexico

It says in the article a railway worker has already been arrested and confessed to the crime.

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This is a case of aggravated murder, punishable by death through lethal injection. Rape of a woman or a girl under the age of 15, if it results in death would be the charge. Strangely however no executions have been carried out since 2009.

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This is terrible. But a life doesn't equal a life. Capital punishment is barbaric. It's sad that such a large group of people want to kill someone, regardless of what they did.

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Say you have a daughter and someone raped and murfered her. You're telling me that you wouldn't wang the bastard who did it dead? People like this don't deserve life. People who rape usually do it again once released from prison. its a thrill for them... So I say kill them so it doesn't happen again!

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I do have a daughter. If what you suggest happened to her, I might well, at the time, out of grief and anger, want the guy dead, but that's not how a civilised society works.

Thank God.

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@Lucabrasi, simply put it is not out of grief and anger, but justice depending on the barbarity and motives of the person/people behind the crime. If someone accidently ran over someone, or accidently shot someone, etc the death penalty is hardly considered viable in reckless manslaughter. If the man only raped her, but she was still alive it still shouldn't warrant the death penalty. But on top of raping her he made sure she died afterwards in a horrible fashion, then it warrants the death penalty.

There have been plenty of assaults like this and much much worse done to people by serial rapists/killers and more. When someone takes another person's right to life just because they derive some sort of pleasure from it or actually took the time to plan someone or group of people's death that are innocent, then they automatically lose their right to life in the eyes of a civilized society. Just like prisoners lose their rights to freedom for committing crimes (and in turn violating other people's rights) against the law (if the laws are JUST in that country).

I know the big argument against the pro-death penalty crowd is, "What right does society have to take the life of someone who killed someone else?" the same should be said directly to the person that did the murder in the first place.

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I appreciate your point of view, but some of us view the death penalty as an evil.

If I'm honest, then no, I wouldn't want the killer of any member of my family executed. I realise that might make me appear cold, but that's how I feel....

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