17 soldiers killed in attack at Indian army base in Kashmir


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I strongly disagree with the observation of AijajHussain, when he said, ".. most favour merger with Pakistan". These type of reports are dished out without any sense of responsibility. The Kashmir or Pakistan Occupied Kashmir belong to India. It is well known that Pakistan almost every day export terror , terrorism and terrorists to India. The Indian government is responding to that. It is not that "rebels"are playing havoc. It is terrorists who play with India. There are many separatists in Kashmir, who enjoy government doles and have Indian citizenship, but still playing into the hands of Pakistan, which seems to have not learnt any lesson from its debacles. It is my duty to inform your online readers that Kashmir was populated by Hindus, but due to Moghul invasion and terror, many converted in Kashmir and Britishers played with India and used all types of tools to divide and destroy the country, which they ruled over 200 years. The British government should pay for the crime of dividing this country and they are responsible for the death due to violence immediately after partition. The separatists, who live in India and throw stones by sitting inside the glass chambers Who are these terrorists, who enjoy comforts in Kashmir and send their children to other states and foreign countries for studies, but instigate local students and youth to create violence. These separatists seemed to have learnt no lesson. India will not bow down to violence and terrorism. We have seen this for the last sixty years aided and abetted by Pakistan. If Pakistan is very much worried about freedom, let them see in their own backyard. The children are killed and shot down, minorities are decimated and women are treated like second class citizens. Those who sit in India and cry for Pakistan cannot enjoy freedom to abuse India for ever. You cannot have licence to abuse the country and have a cake and eat it too. It is a well known fact that those who use speakers and mosques during prayer, cannot have licence for ever to abuse India. No country in the world has given asylum to so many religious seekers, who were persecuted all across the world. India has never attacked anyone. This is the land of truth seekers and those who issue fatwas cannot have their day every day. Just because , India is secular, no religious leader freely convert and threaten Indians, who are peace loving and look upon religion as a path to seek truth. This is the land of sufis, buddha, Sankara, Ramanuja, Madhva and great saints and sages. The separatists who seek hands from Pakistan , can go to Pakistan and for a long they cannot sit here and cry. The reporters, who dish out news across the world, should know the history of India, which has more than 5000 years of recorded history. Those who fill reams of papers, should be fair and unbiased and should have moral values and responsibility. Their views cannot be treated as news. The news should be reported as it is.

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Our hearts go out to the 100,000,000,000,000,000th example of Muslim on Muslim violence. May the peace of Allah be on all his children!

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Those who fill reams of papers, should be fair and unbiased and should have moral values and responsibility. Their views cannot be treated as news. The news should be reported as it is.

Thank goodness you're not a reporter.

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Another false flag op?if there is serious freedom moment in Indian occupied Kashmir ,it must be solved by UN resolution. Oh btw there is no outrage on slaughter of innocent Kashmiri population.

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''The Muslim-majority region is divided between India and Pakistan but most people in the Indian portion favor independence or a merger with Pakistan.

I think AIJAZ HUSSAIN should know well that Indian side of J&K is a pretty large geographic area with only ~20% of the area is muslim dominant. The protests are generally held in half of this 20% of area. So making such statement by a reporter only sound malicious. I doubt his integrity and sincerity towards his profession.

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