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176 killed after Ukrainian plane crashes near Tehran airport


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EMP by Iran or Russia to add fuel to the fire.

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What a mess..... Poor people.

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Somewhat suspicious.  An Ukrainian airplane crashes in Iran?  Neither countries on DT's Christmas card list.  Perhaps mere speculation on my part but with Trump and the USA, nothing can be discounted out of hand.

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Stray Iranian missile ? About as much possibilty as the other silly suggestions of possible causes !

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I know this sounds cold but please let this just be mechanical or human error and not something nefarious. Anyway, I'm sorry for this horrible loss for the Ukrainian people. 

Ukraine, Iran and Boeing all in one story? Is this the Twilight Zone?

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From photos I have seen there are ruptures in the skin from an external explosive source of fragmentation. Who fired it and why will surely be the focus of the investigation. Looking like a nervous mistake by crews that were on standby around the airport all night.

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An airline crash the same day as the missile attacks?

Our conspiracy theorists are working on the case. Bring them on!

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Note to my post above.

The photo I saw is not confirmed as from this crash. Perhaps today's sad event really was an engine failure, as the Ukranian Embassy in Teheran is saying. This plane was only three years old.

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Been running back-up searches. More photos emerging pointing towards fragmentation impact from outside the aircraft. I am no expert, so will leave it here. Horribly sad event.

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The Ukrainian authorities have now withdrawn the engine explosion theory apparently, for whatever reason.

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Coincidence. The plane was owned by a Ukrainian company, but it did just have standard maintenance on Monday. That is where I'd begin.

Check the maintenance logs. Was it performed by a certified company or "Joe's Aircraft Maintenance, Pools and Emporium?"

A missing screw, bolt, something, can bring down a plane. At 9k feet, the pilots should have been able to fly land on 1 engine.

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All crashes are tragic, but particularly sad to find that 63 Canadians are among the dead. Many young Iranian-Canadian students were returning to school in Edmonton...


It seems unlikely that an engine fire alone would bring down the aircraft, as they are designed to deal with such scenarios.

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USS Vincennes (CG-49), Iran Air Flight 655? Looks rather suspicious... If anybody remembers this.

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USS Vincennes (CG-49), Iran Air Flight 655? Looks rather suspicious... If anybody remembers this.

The people who brought down Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie less than 5 months later remember!

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The video of the crash is horrific; it is already burning as it descends, some parts seems to separate, and then a massive explosion as it impacts terrain, almost certainly from the full fuel tanks. No-one could have survived that.

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I guess Iran will be keeping the black box.

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Another Boeing crashes. 737. I dont fly but if I did I would not fly on that airplane.

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I would bet my next paycheck that this was a mistaken shoot down by Iran. If Iran is launching missiles you can bet that there are a dozen Air Force jets close by. Also, the 737 appeared to be on fire before the impact, pretty rare unless it has been hit by something.

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This website says that pilots should consider the possibility that it was shot down; in the meantime keep clear of the area until something more definitive is known.

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This website says that pilots should consider the possibility that it was shot down

Reuters citing an unidenfied intelligence source said the crash was likely caused by a technical malfunction.

Since the plane never made it higher then 8.000 feet a usual SAM is a very unlikely culprit. A saboteur with a Stinger or somethibg like that? Near the central Teheran airport? Very doubtful.

The plane was on fire even before the impact. Fuel leak is a more probable cause.

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Iran please hand over the black boxes to the Ukraine

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Fuel leak on its own...not likely. Fuel leak from missile fragments...most likely. This plane came down like a meteor, probably control damage as well. Whomever Reuter’s is quoting is making a premature assumption without even seeing what the black boxes are saying.

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BBC is showing video of a ground-to-air missile hitting something, blowing up and a fireball hitting the ground.

Iran shot down the plane with 82 Iranians, a bunch of Canadians and some Ukrainians. Not so nice. A Tor-M1 missile is believed to have been used based on parts found in the wreckage.

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