2 Koreas to hold summit in Pyongyang in September


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North Korea is going to play South Korea like a fiddle, right?

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Nah. SK is not Trump. The government there is far more Reaganesque: Trust, but verify. And until agreement on what must be verified and how, SK will not budge They're not in it for a Noble prize (Moon has already said he'd rather Trump have that unwanted attention); they have far deeper, longer-lasting concerns, many existential.

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to understand the entire plot one must go back in history. The old empire of yesterday has awoken, it is very much reaching out and grasping its fingers on whatever land it can grab., it is by no means a secret where this is heading.  Behind the scenes the ever strategic Chinese and the Moon sympathizer selling out Korea which comes into play is Japan. China and Japan are already making plays for the future while the US under the noise making of US President Trump goes no where, as they adage goes a barking dog with no teeth means just that a loud bark. The US will pull out of Asia and the writing is on the wall. Japan reads it and is moving themselves to align.  However the day will come when the appetite of the Chinese will become too great and hence finally the Great War.  A war that could have been prevented years ago had the Obama admin not thrown out so much gas and the Clinton admin not weakened to their Berkeley ideology of giving the voice to China in the WTO and with it more than half of the US trade business.

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I distinctly remember a president between Clinton and Obama... Now who was that? He laser focused on cutting taxes and invading a country not named North Korea....Hm, oh well, I guess it don't matter.

Libtards are such wooseis.

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