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4 dead, 291 missing after South Korean ferry sinks


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The ferry was running behind schedule so they tried to make up time, causing them to veer off course into an area known to have rocky shoals, resulting in the ferry hitting a reef. That's the most plausible cause the news outlets are reporting.

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Then someone need to tell the US Navy. See the 3rd photo in the top row here:

Yes, absolutely. Someone should tell MC1 Keith DeVinney that he's screwed up with that cutline.

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Such a tragic event and sad sad day :( My thoughts are with the families of those children. I couldn't bear the thought of losing my daughters and I dread to think what the families are going through right now.

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USNinJapan: Sorry to nitpick AFP, but only the U.S. Navy's special special operations personnel are called SEALs.

Then someone need to tell the US Navy. See the 3rd photo in the top row here:


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Really scary to say the least. A bunch of HS students off to have a fun trip becomes a tragedy.

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RIP to the victims and I hope the families can find peace. Maybe this will be a way for Japan-Korea relations to make a small dent in improving their recent relations if Japan is asked to help like they have in China.

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My prayers go out for the families of those victims. I hope that a lot of the will be found safely.

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A problem with ocean-going car ferries is that the compartment carrying vehicles is EXTREMELY vulnerable to water leaks, and that can result in the ferry taking on water and sinking in very short order. And the results have been horrible, as the sinkings of the MS Herald of Free Enterprise in 1987 and MS Estonia in 1994 show.

One wonders did this ferry ship experience a structural failure of some sort that caused the water to rush into the vehicle compartment and the ship sank in very short order?

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South Korean rescue teams, including elite navy SEAL divers...

Sorry to nitpick AFP, but only the U.S. Navy's special special operations personnel are called SEALs. If accuracy in reporting is of any importance then you can't refer to SPECOPS personnel of other nations' militaries as SEALs, in the much same way that you can't say Indian Greet Berets, Japanese SAS, French Sayaret, etc. It's certainly a minor detail, but it's still an inaccuracy and wrong.

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I hope a lot of those people have been picked up by the various small vessels involved in the rescue and just haven't been counted yet. Godspeed to the rescue divers, working in the dark and murk. There must be plenty of air pockets within the ferry.

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Hoping for some good news! Such a sad thing to happen to our friends in Korea!

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Rest in Peace. Heres hoping they manage to find some survivors, but I imagine the water is very cold out there. Awful tragedy.

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Tragic. Its also weird that it happened on the 102nd anniversary of the Titanic...April 15, 1912. Weird coincidence

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Tragic to see a young life lost. All of us in Japan will be hoping to see no more loss of life from my the ship - from your friends across the pond.

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