2 dead, dozens injured as political violence shakes Thai capital


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I can't believe that anyone would support a bunch of violent, pampered upper-class losers hell-bent on destroying democracy in their country in favor of an "unelected national council!" They've had their hats handed to them in five separate fairly-fought elections, so now they figure they'll simply do away with democracy?! What a joke!

Every time I go to Bangkok, I realize that even there, they are completely outnumbered by supporters of the Red Shirts. Yet the royal family and their sycophantic followers in the military allow the Yellows to commit coups, murders and other violent outbursts...and get away with it. It's a real shame for such a wonderful country, and one can't help but shudder at the thought of that dolt of a playboy crown prince ascending to the throne!

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"People's Council" = Communism

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a military government with a royal head of state is what they want? reminds me of a several historical situations. None of them turned out so well.

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